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06/13/12 03:57 PM
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Here's a thread for all of you Victorious fans to make suggestions on improvements to the fan club. If you don't feel comfortable sharing your ideas here where everyone can see, message them to me.

Have fun sharing ideas!
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05/01/13 06:34 PM
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My idea is to have another Forum that's off topic where members and newibes
like myself can talk about issues that teens have day to day. This way we'll be able to let go and support one another not only as a club but also as a family. I think this way our members will  get help that they feel comfortable with this also our members to know that we care. But in order for this to work I think we need to make it clear to the members that we won't judge them. After all we want to make a calm process so everyone feels at ease. To me this will make our club/ family stronger and closer.
Edited by Cupcake on 5/1/2013 10:38:42 PM

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