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02/06/12 01:57 PM
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The actress was appearing on the Jay Leno show, when he pulled out a magazine showing her on a recent holiday in Hawaii with boyfriend Austin Butler.

He pointed to a picture of her in an orange bikini and she and her beau walked along the beach together.

But what really grasped his attention was the tattoo on her foot which read, 'all you need is love'.

When he asked whether the inking hurt or not, she smiled coyly and confessed: 'It's fake. I have this mad obsession with drawing on myself, like, I cannot help it.

'I draw all over my hands, all over my arms, obviously my foot. It's just fun. It's hard to commit to a tattoo, like, I have a few, so, when you write on yourself it's not that much of a commitment.'

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11/22/16 01:21 AM
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01/15/19 02:51 AM
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