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Forum Manager Contest
by jaNeliz03 @ 3/27/2012 6:24:42 AM  

To enter the contest for blog manager:

1. As a blog manager you should write your article in your own words and don't forget to write or give credits for the source of your article.

2. Do not copy the whole article.

3. Be carefull on the words that you are going to use. ( It will be published in the Internet alot of people could see/ read your article.

For Video Manager

  - This one was the most easiest task they

1. Post any Vanessa Hudgens Video that the Fan Club Admin will Published or Show at the Video Section of the Club.

2. Do not post any nude or rude Video of Vanessa ( You will be banned if you do that)

Photo Manager

1. Submit any Vanessa Picture at the admins of this fan club.

Event  Manager:

- Post any Vanessa Hudgens Events. ( Ex. Awards Night or any Television/ Movie apperance, New albums, tours)

Plus we will be giving away 25 Bonus point for the winners of the contest.


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by jaNeliz03 @ 3/27/2012 6:28:36 AM
Leave a comment in this thread that you want join the contest. 

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