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04/21/18 08:38 AM
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I don't know anyone else who might help me solve the mystery. I recently bought this perfume (Taylor by Taylor Swift) on Ebay from a good seller (based on feedback) because I read on Fragrantica that it smells like the Fancy Love by Jessica Simpson. So when I got it, I was absolutely happy because it sure smells like Fancy Love. However, as I was watching perfume collections on Youtube, I noticed that the Taylor is colorless while the one I got is more of golden in color, like that of J'adore.I went back to the seller and asked, but he told me that there is no way he could have known this because the boxes were sealed.So, I did my own research, compared boxes and bottles from google and the actual perfume I got, they are identical, except for the color.Now my question is, would you know if the company who makes the perfume Taylor by Taylor Swift could have changed its color over time? Or, was there an instance when the company released limited edition which are goldeny in color?I am really confused right now. Not sure who to turn to. I like the scent of the perfume I have right now, lasts me quite a long time but it still puzzles me as to why the color is different from what I see online.

Please help.

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Alex Kevin
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08/07/18 09:17 AM
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Have no Idea about that
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03/14/19 06:39 AM
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