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by EmeliaLovesTAYLOR @ 4/27/2012 2:38:59 PM

Hey Everyone! I uploaded a new Default Image! If you wanna see it then here it is:  Don't u just love it! I do! I also have the Twitter account for it so here is a link to the Twitter Profile of mine:!/TaylorDooleyLUV 
DO NOT BE FOOLED on Twitter with the real Taylor Dooley and the poser: @tayboodooley
Tayboodooley is THE POSER! THE REAL TAYLOR DOOLEY IS: @taylordooley

by EmeliaLovesTAYLOR @ 4/26/2012 3:47:15 PM

I found out her youtube FINALLY! Here is a list of the usernames from the social websites she is a part of.

  • Youtube: taylormdooley
  • MySpace: tay_boo_dooley
  • Twitter: taylordooley
  • Tumblr: stitched2getherwithgoodintentions
That's all I know! If you know some that are not listed here then please comment below and I will either Edit it (If I can) or Post a new entry with the ones I forgot. 

  Like the pic? I do!! Also you can find ME on many social webs too! I will post that later!!

by EmeliaLovesTAYLOR @ 4/21/2012 12:25:47 PM

Hi Everyone! It is FINALLY APRIL VACA!  I am SO Happy! It is also my birthday in 8 days and my party is tonight so I won't be able to post :(. I am turning 10! I hope you all have A GREAT VACATION! Don't Forget to think about Taylor!!!  Don't you love the club photo!?!? It is so adorable and funny! Didn't Taylor change since her role as Lava Girl? I think she did! (Including her hair color changing from FUCHSIA to Dark Brown)  I wonder who her friend is in the pic? I am gonna start a contest whoever can figure out who she is then I will give the winner......... 50 CLUB POINTS! Here is the link to Tay's website to look for clues: 
To enter your answer comment with the answer! BUT Don't WAIT! Comments are disabled after one month!! But I will put another post so people can have more time!!


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