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Scotty McCreery Street Team
by ByeBabyBunting @ 8/13/2011 7:03:03 PM  


Over on McCreey they are organizing a Scotty McCreery Street Team. This will be comprised of people that are willing to vote and view Scotty's video on CMT and GAC, and also vote on the radio challenges...use Facebook and Twitter to remind people to vote. This is a critical time for Scotty's career. We need everyone that is willing and able to help launch Scotty's post-Idol career.

Here are the radio and video links below. Please take the time to vote and view his video, especially on CMT. (after you vote.. go back to the home page and select Scotty's video and watch it all the way through, then you have to go back to the home page..each time to re-select the video for the view to count. I know, it sounds like a lot of work, but that's what the Carrie Underwood fans, and the Lauren fans are doing for their own. How much more should we do for OUR SCOTTY. And, please, share the links on your Facebook site and Twitter, if you have one.

Also, Lauren and her fans are really active on tweeter..reminding everyone to go watch her video and then vote for her. If we want to beat her, we really need to step it up. I'm willing to do anything to see Scotty succeed. Please help us.

Radio Polls

Video Polls
-Can vote as often as you would like on this one.

-Can vote as often as you would like on this one.

-Vote ONCE per day.,,...58_47219,0.html


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by Santos @ 7/22/2019 5:10:09 PM
Yes Loretta, In the Musiqtone Countdown, in the voting section Scotty's "In Between "is #2 . I don't see This is It on the voting section.

by Loretta @ 7/22/2019 1:03:44 PM
I'm confused.  Musiqtone shows This Is It in 2nd place but we vote for In Between. Is In Between the song that is in 2nd place?

by fan#1 @ 7/21/2019 7:06:18 PM
can't we vote on GAC anymore?

by Santos @ 7/20/2019 10:32:10 PM
Thank you GrandmaDot!  Also Scotty's "In Between" is number 2 on Musiqtone.  Keep voting!

by GrandmaDot @ 7/20/2019 6:43:51 PM
Here are 8 songs from Scotty in Temecula from @dougsfield.  Enjoy!

by Loretta @ 7/15/2019 5:59:59 PM
Thanks barbara11

by barbara11 @ 7/15/2019 3:17:14 PM
Loretta,  It is at 45 on Mediabase this week.  Up 2 points.  Keep playing In Between on You Tube, friends.  barbara11

by Loretta @ 7/15/2019 7:07:47 AM
Does anyone know how In Between is doing on the billboard chart?

by Santos @ 7/8/2019 2:08:19 PM
You're welcome Dan!

by Dan @ 7/7/2019 6:09:40 PM
Thanks for the heads up, Santos. I didn't see it down there.

by Santos @ 7/7/2019 4:51:09 PM
I see Scotty's "In Between" is in the oven fresh section for voting on Musiqtone.  We can no longer vote for "This is It".  Hope everyone is doing well.

by Jamercer @ 7/4/2019 10:41:30 PM
Happy 4th of July y'all! Happy Birthday America! Thanks to those who have served or are serving to keep our country free!

by Dan @ 7/4/2019 3:17:42 PM
Thank you. When I was in the Army, I complained a lot. Now, many years later, I'm glad I was able to be of service to my country, friends, and family.

by Loretta @ 7/4/2019 12:23:51 PM
Happy Independence Day!   A big thank you to all those men & women that fought & those that gave all so we can be FREE. Thank you!

by barbara11 @ 7/4/2019 11:27:44 AM
All Fans,  Happy Birthday America.  Love You.  Enjoy your day.  barbara11

by fan#1 @ 6/30/2019 9:55:26 PM
you're all welcome. I am hoping to go in september

by Loretta @ 6/30/2019 8:35:22 AM
Thanks Fan#1 for sharing your experience with us.  I could listen to Scotty sing all day long.  Happy to hear Gabi & Moose attended the show. Moose sure steals your heart, he is so cute.  I'm not on Facebook so hope someone can share the pictures on this site. Looking forward to Scotty coming to the Kansas City area again.

by barbara11 @ 6/27/2019 4:18:49 PM
Thank you, Fan#1.  I enjoyed hearing about Scotty at the show.  I will try to find out more on Facebook.  So  glad you got to see Scotty. Never to late to hear about Scotty.  barbara11

by fan#1 @ 6/27/2019 4:01:06 PM
sorry it took me to long about seeing scotty on Saturday night at taste of Joliet. I met 2 mccreerian fans Jordan dula and arlene abramowicz. I hung out with arlene we went to the meet and greet and he remembers us this time and then after that we went in front of the stage and waited for scotty to come on. gabi, 2 of her friends and moose we're there standing on the side of the stage and I took a few pictures of moose. I think moose wanted to come out on stage and stand by his daddy he is so cute. scotty sang for about 1 hour 15 minutes I think. he was awesome as always. cole Swindell was on after scotty but I coiuldn't stay for cole though because my ride wanted to go after scotty was over. I wish I could've stayed though because scotty and cole sang I like it I love it I wants more of it, but Jordan's dad record it and Jordan post it on facebook. taste of Joliet set a three day record with 55,600 and Saturday set a record with scotty and cole with 28,100 so that's pretty awesome. had a great time like I always do.

by djmanton @ 6/21/2019 2:53:08 PM
Me also every day bought mine yesterday love this Video

by bob @ 6/21/2019 11:58:01 AM
I love the In Between video.   I just was reading a lot of fan comments on the Watching Scotty Grow on 
Face Book  Site and they all love it.  
Also it is now the #1 Country Video on Itune Chart, You can also buy it there,

Thanks, Bob

by Loretta @ 6/20/2019 11:48:30 PM
Me too

by fan#1 @ 6/20/2019 9:22:01 PM
I really love the video

by Santos @ 6/20/2019 4:52:39 PM
I was just able to watch it.  I loved it.  It's like a photo album of our Scotty's life as he now lives it.  The coming the going.  His beautiful wife and adorable Moose. He is having a good time and he is very blessed. Such a talented and precious young man.

by Dan @ 6/20/2019 4:18:43 PM
I would have thought the mail box would be filled with comments on Scotty's new video. But ,,,,nothing

by Loretta @ 6/20/2019 7:36:05 AM
Sorry  new video is on USA TODAY not Good Morning America

by Loretta @ 6/19/2019 2:38:44 PM
New video for " In Between " tomorrow CST 9 A.M on Good Morning America . I'm Anxious to see it

by fan#1 @ 6/16/2019 8:54:45 PM
thank you Loretta. I sure will

by bob @ 6/16/2019 3:15:41 PM
Thank you barbara11

by Dan @ 6/16/2019 11:43:30 AM
Thank you barbara11

by barbara11 @ 6/16/2019 10:41:50 AM
Happy Father's Day to all our Farther's out there today.   barbara11

by Loretta @ 6/13/2019 11:45:29 PM
So happy for you Fan#1.  I know the show will be awesome .
Be sure to tell us all about it !

by fan#1 @ 6/13/2019 9:49:04 PM
I am going to see scotty next Saturday june 22 and I got my meet and greet, scotty is at taste of Joliet Joliet, il

by Santos @ 6/12/2019 7:11:04 PM
Yes! Thank you GrandmaDot!  The videos are great.  I can't wait to see the "In Between" video. barbara11 I think when it comes out the song will move up more quickly.  Thanks again.

by barbara11 @ 6/12/2019 12:28:13 PM
GrandmaDot,  Thank You, Thank You so much for the video. How have You been?  Missed You.  The lady in the pink top was so enjoying  Scotty; so fun to watch her.  Wish I could have seen the video of In Between.  Making a video for that song, I wonder if that is the holdup for radio play?  What are your feelings, Fans?

by barbara11 @ 6/8/2019 10:51:19 AM
bob, thanks for the input, encouragement.  barbara11

by fan#1 @ 6/7/2019 11:31:25 PM
that's awesome bob

by bob @ 6/7/2019 1:21:29 PM
I have heard it on 98.7 The Bull here in Portland, Oregon.  I have also called in to the DJ and asked if they have In Between and they said yes and would play.  He also said the love Scotty McCreery.  Thanks, Bob

by fan#1 @ 6/6/2019 10:56:22 PM
I haven't heard it on my either. that wouldn't be fair if Scotty's old record co. would do that, they have no control over scotty anymore and that shouldn't be  it's his new single in between. he was awesome at the opry tonight like always.

by barbara11 @ 6/6/2019 12:25:21 PM
Fan#1,  I wonder if his old record co. is still holding this against him?  And I sill haven't heard In Between on my Country radio, but keep playing others new music.  He said a while back this is his new song.  barbara11.

by fan#1 @ 6/5/2019 9:30:37 PM
yes it is  Barbara11 I just don't understand why scotty wasn't nominated I just don't get it. it upsets me so much that scotty never gets nominated

by barbara11 @ 6/5/2019 8:46:21 PM
Fans,  Is this show for Fan  Voting only, Scotty was't nominated?  5 More Minutes or This Is It was not good enough???   barbara11

by barbara11 @ 6/5/2019 8:30:15 PM
CMT Awards is on TV 0n TV Land channel, if you get that channel.  Nope, Scotty is not on the show.    barbara11

by wanda @ 6/5/2019 12:05:53 PM
I am with my family

by fan#1 @ 5/31/2019 9:39:54 PM
I wish I was going

by Loretta @ 5/31/2019 7:48:29 PM
Anyone going to Scotty's fan club party in Nashville this year?

by Jamercer @ 5/27/2019 9:20:50 PM
Happy Memorial Day y'all!

by Loretta @ 5/27/2019 4:00:45 PM
Remembering & honoring those men & women who gave their life so we could be free.

by fan#1 @ 5/21/2019 1:04:04 AM
yes he sure is. I thought is niece was so cute it made me tear up a little bit it was so cute

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