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by akua18 @ 10/20/2012 9:06:07 PM

Sorry if you're from The Hunger Games Club I put I would be announcing the winner on 10/21/12. I forgot to post an article about it on this club so I'm moving the date to 10/28/12. This is where you can post what you want to be, Project Organizer, Photo Album or Chat Moderater, any kind of experience or if you're new.


by akua18 @ 10/11/2012 12:22:13 AM

Finnick won the 65 Hunger Games at the age of 14, where he was mentored by previous District 4 Victor, Mags. During the 74th Hunger Games, he served as Mentor alongside Mags for District 4, as revealed in Mockingjay when he became the expert on Peeta's memories of his two times in the arena. He participated in the 3rd Quarter Quell a year later, and became part of an alliance with Peeta Mellark, Katniss Everdeen, Wiress, Beetee, Johanna Mason, and previous Mentor and fellow Tribute, Mags. Katniss attributes Finnick's success to a combination of his extraordinary physical skill and his unprecedented popularity among the Capitol. Although he was a good fighter with spears and knives gathered in the Cornucopia, he received many gifts, including a trident, which ensured that he made it out alive. After his victory, he was forced into prostitution by President Snow. But instead of money, he asked for secrets from his lovers.

The 65th Hunger Games were the original Games that Finnick competed in and won when he was fourteen years old by using a net & trident, which Katniss thought might have been the most expensive gift in the history of the Hunger Games, against other Tibute. He set up snares and when he caught them in the snare, he speared them.

For the next nine years, he mentored the District 4 tributes including his true love, Annie Cresta, in the 70th Hunger Games until he was reaped into the Third Quarter Quell.

by akua18 @ 10/10/2012 10:13:38 PM

Hey guys, we dont have much members yet, but I know we'll have a lot. Feel free to comment positive things, post articles, videos etc. I hope you find Sam Clafin as interesting as I do. Enjoy!!!!

                                               Your Club Manager,




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