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This club is for all of Rick Perry's supporters to get together, get to know each other, and plan for the 2012 election!
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by eis4english @ 2/16/2012 9:01:01 AM

Rick Perry may no longer be in the race. But he has pretty much drawn the battle lines for the November election.

Energy will be the key issue this fall. A dogmatic Barack Obama and his all knowing minions have determined that "forcing alternative energy upon America through shock treatment" is the best and only solution. The question becomes, "can they sell this to America?"

Gasoline prices have historically proven to be a presidential report card. If they are high, the president is blamed. If they are low, the president gets credit. In 1984, I recall driving through Biltmore Village in Asheville, North Carolina and whooping with excitement to see a regular gasoline price that was less than a dollar a gallon. It was on it's way down and ultimately had dropped into the seventies by summers end. What a feeling!

Today, prices are going the other way. And fast! Governor Perry identified the fact that a million jobs could be created overnight if the country had an energy policy. That's probably conservative. It may be closer to 1.5 million and perhaps even higher! Senator Santorum is wisely picking up on this. People in the heartland don't want to hear about "clean energy." Not when they are "broke and cold." It's disheartening to pay $3.50 or $4.00 at the pump on the way home from work. It's even more frustrating to walk into a cold house. Especially for women. 

In Barack Obama's clouded mind, this world doesn't exist. Or, it shouldn't!

The president's vision of America is reflective of Stalinist Russia in the thirties. "Since single family homes are so expensive to heat and cool, would not it be better for all to live in large apartment blocks. Since they would be in cities, more would have access to mass transportation. Therefore, there would be no need for families to own their own automobiles. High gasoline costs would no longer be an issue. Problem solved."

The America seen by Governor Perry is one where "every man has his stake." He has essentially blazed a path for other political leaders. True, the Republicans are seemingly hell bent on "tripping over themselves!" We have a R.I.N.O. in Mitt Romney, who was correctly labeled by Governor Perry as "Obama lite." We have Newt, who has the right idea but is hopelessly flawed.  Rick Santorum is a strong social conservative but is a "neo-con." And, for spice, we have a Libertarian completing the field. Is there any hope for Republicans in the general election?

There had better be! We must not lose this election. This quickest way to insure defeat is to nominate Mitt Romney.  But it's doubtful that the "Establishment leaning R.I.N.O" Republicans would vote for Newt. That leaves Santorum. He is a closet protectionist. He isn't strong on right-to-work. But this might be to his advantage in states like Ohio and Michigan. He was an eighteeen point loser in the Pennsylvania Senate race in 2006. Because of this finale, Democrats may not be taking him seriously in the Keystone State. Bad idea! Barack Obama is not Bob Casey, Italian or Catholic. Furthermore, Pennsylvania is an energy state. Unlike their neighbor to the north, New York, they are saying "yes" to "fracking." It could be a good omen!

Speaking of "fracking," has anyone noticed what's going on in the Wayne National Forest? The E.P.A. has convinced the administration to put the brakes on extracting oil and gas from existing wellbores there! This would create an estimated 204,000 high paying, Union jobs by summer 2015. This could be folly for the Administration! Especially when considering that the Wayne National Forest happens to be in Ohio.

This could be to Santorum's advantage. But he still must figure out how to attract Ron Paul's
"millinials," and women. The 18-34 voters could decide the election. They are more easily seduced by the "alternative energy" argument than their parents. Women are suspicious of politicians making too forceful of a contraception argument.  That's why Sarah Palin's reference to a "brokered convention" is enticing. Good news for Republicans is "millinials" can't currently find a job and women are frustrated in general with the direction of the country.

Assuming that the Republicans' primary goal is "winning the election," their best alternative may not be in the current field. As Governor Perry can attest, being the most experienced, best qualified candidate isn't necessarily what the public wants. So often, it comes down to image and the candidate with the fewest enemies. Young people want a hero. Women want someone who is both charming and exudes hope. Poor people want a role model. Conservatives want to make Barack Obama a one term president! Add it all up and you have...

Marco Rubio!

This could be the end result of a brokered convention! At 41 Marco Rubio would be the youngest president in history. John F. Kennedy was 42. Bill Clinton was 43. But, he has more experience than did Obama at this juncture! Convincing Condoleeza Rice to run as his V.P. would shore up his biggest weakness: the lack of foreign policy experience. Rubio is an excellent speaker. He is passionate. And, he would make Barack Obama defend his record.

Marco Rubio reminds Americans every day why people came to America. His is the story of the "self made man." As the son of a bartender and a hotel maid, he connects with the little guy. Condi Rice can and would say things about the President that few could. She would turn his "alternaitive energy" policy into what it truly is: "a vehicle of punishment" for the poor and minorities. 

Democrats had pretty much concluded that Mitt Romney would be the nominee. Their billion dollar re-election campaign is to be based on class warfare. But how would you wage class warfare on a Rubio-Rice ticket without being "laughed across the Atlantic?


by eis4english @ 2/8/2012 2:26:28 PM

It was good to see Governor Perry speak out. He evidently learned a lot from this campaign! Namely, "it's hard to get in late against a foe who has been campaigning for six years!"

So much of this is about "luck and timing!" Governor Perry was relentless badgered by Michelle Bachmann through most of the debates. Her "making a big deal out of non-general election items" helped Governor Romney. It was unfortunate that we had so many debates. This helped Newt Gingrich but it hurt the party. They'll definitely rethink the number of debates in the future.

Hopefully, we won't be forced to endure another four years of Barack Obama. I don't think the country can afford it! But if we do, it's a good bet that Governor Perry will be there in 2016.

The field would look different. If Romney is the nominee and loses, he won't be back. Ron Paul will be 80-years-old in 2016. Odds are Newt will not run. You would think that he would endorse Governor Perry. He certainly should! But other prominent Republicans should have endorsed Governor Perry. Starting with Rudy...

Rick Santorum is another thing. As of today, it looks possible that he might challenge Romney for the nomination. I would rather see him than Mitt, of course! If he is the nominee, he would be a stronger opponent than Romney, due to his stance on Obamacare, if for no other reason! I will support Senator Santorum although I do not think that he is a fiscal conservative.

The Court appointments are a necessary concern. Obama will choose people like himself. That does not bode well for the country. I believe that Santorum would appoint conservative judges as compared with expected Romney preferences.

by WestDes @ 1/19/2012 6:49:44 PM

In the recent past, I have been saddened by the negative treatment that Governor Perry (my Governor) has received from virtually the 1st day of his campaign for President 2012. Even more disturbing is the fact that the lion share of this ill-treatment has come from those who were suppose to be his collegues on the GOP side (particularly the comments of Michelle Bachman and Rick Santorum).  Michelle Bachmann and Rick Santorum in the Governor's first debate began to "spew" their political venom toward him. These two, along with Romney and some others, chose the personal debate style of "destructive" deceit vs. genuine issues.  For example, when Michelle Bachmann couldn't find anything legitimate to charge the very successful Texas Governor with she chose to "trump up" an inside Texas, issue like, whether or not Texas parents were to "opt in" or "opt out" of a innoculation program to prevent cervix cancer in teenage girls. (Obviously, Michelle wanted to play the "gender" card against Governor Perry to try and boost her waining campaign).  Rick Santorum backed Congresswoman Bachman's "we must end Rick Perry's candidacy through any and all means" campaign, in the same initial debate. As the debates continued every other candidate, except one (Newt Gingrich), took Bachmann's lead and began "pouring on" the Perry criticism.

Former Speaker Gingrich has shown in the current campaign to be not only the most articulate voice against Liberalism, but Newt has demonstrated much better than any other debate rival his friendship with and loyalty to Governor Perry's personal esteem.  

Now, Today, Governor Perry has valiantly, patriotically and very unselfishly made the choice to endorse the strongest ,conservative, voice  remaining in the race, former Speaker Newt Gingrich. For the present election year, I believe, my Governor selected the absolutely correct choice to end our country's "Obamanation" and Liberal-induced recession come November, 2012.

Finally, don't be surprised to see Governor Perry on Speaker Gingrich's short list for VP.*

* In Gingrich's acceptance of Governor Perry's endorsement, Newt said he had already asked Governor Perry to head-up or Chair the Presidential campaign for the Gingrich campaigns attempt to get US Governors and State Legislatures "on board" for one of their (Gingrich's and Perry's) many common causes, the promotion of the 10th Admendment (State's rights)...

by eis4english @ 1/11/2012 2:13:06 PM

"It's two outs, in the bottom of the ninth with a man on first. We are behind 2-0."

As much as we may love Governor Perry, there are others who don't! I am speaking of the Republican Establishment types,  R.I.N.O.s,  "Neo-Cons," and even some misguided Christian Conservatives! 

Governor Perry needs to recapture the spotlight. Many are writing him off. That's unfortunate! He is the single best qualified candidate for President in my lifetime! I was born in 1956.

My book, "E" is for English proposes a 28th amendment to the U.S. Constitution. In this proposed amendment, several other concerns are addressed. The end result would be the following:

a- With passage, we would cut approximately 500 billion dollars from federal, state and local budgets collectively. Annually!

b- We would create roughly 250,000 private sector jobs within six months.

c- We would have an immigration plan that was fair, practical and comprehensive. It would insure Hispanic support, but would be equally welcomed by conservatives and moderates.

d- We would totally eliminate voter fraud

e- We would implement a system that would begin the process of bringing 100% English literacy to America

Would this not be grand!

A carton(56 copies) of  books was sent to the Governors Texas campaign office last summer. Did they arrive? Yes. Did Governor Perry receive a copy? I don't know! But if we could get one in his hands, he would enjoy reading it. And, if he introduced this proposed legislation at this stage of the race, it would return him to the center. The remaining GOP candidates would be caught 'flatfooted!" And, best of all, President Obama would be pushed into Al Sharpton's and Rachael Maddow's corner! This is his persuasion, after all! The book will "flush the snake from the woodpile" in short order!

by WestDes @ 1/10/2012 11:29:44 PM

After all of the abuse and unfairness of the news media (particularly Fox News) toward Governor Perry and the 2 other Conservatives (Gingrich and Santorum) , I am afraid we are now heading for another Moderate "nominee" disaster on the GOP side. Four years ago, I was firmly behind Governor Huckabee's candidacy, who ultimately lost the crucial primary vote in South Carolina (and the nomination) because Senator Fred Thompson's ego wouldn't let him quit.

This time around, we face a very similar circumstance with the Conservative vote once more split. But, this time there is still time to avoid a Romney (John McCain II) GOP nomination.  As difficult as it may be for Governor Perry and Senator Santorum to consider, I really think the only real chance we have for a Conservative candidate (which is essential for getting rid of Obama) is for the Governor and the Senator to suspend their campaigns and endorse and fully support the former Speaker of the House's candidacy.

The reason I believe it is best now to all Conservatives to line up behind Newt Gingrich is the American political campaign (thanks largely to the liberal media) has sadly changed in two major ways.

(1) US Presidential politics is, unfortunately, no longer based on voter's ideologies and issues. It is now predominately based upon Media popularity and the candidate's personal ability to use wit and intellect to "tie the media up in knots" before they tie up the candidate., And

(2) the successful Conservative candidate Today must be ready not only withstand the wrongful verbal attacks from the Left, but he must be able to quickly lay out the facts and effectively fight back against  lies by Moderates and Liberals.;

Let's face it Governor Perry was unfairly ambushed from day one by the opposition. As my Governor for over 10 years I come to know him as a Caring, Honest, Christian, example. I would still like to see him as President. However, with the way the GOP (and Democrat) party rules are set up Today the American Media never ceases in it's attempts to destroy pure Conservative thought and ideas.

If I could I'd personally plead with both Governor Perry and Senator Santorum to throw their support behind the experience of Speaker Gingrich. Let him "blaze the trail" for better Conservative days ahead....

Note: This site is in no way affiliated with Rick Perry or his campaign. It is run by grassroots supporters of Rick Perry for his potential 2012 presidential run.

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