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by ET Canada @ 6/4/2014 10:02:27 AM

Imagine Dragons paid a visit to ET Canada's The Orange Lounge!

They gave live studio performances and intimate interviews. We got to hang out behind-the-scenes with this incredibly talented, yet humble band.

See our awesome cache of videos and photos here!

Emotional struggle is central to Imagine Dragons ethos. From the beginning it’s been the group’s goal to take the pain they've each experienced in life and spin it into something redemptive and uplifting. That transformation – of emotional pain into art – is what drives them as people. Consequently, it has seen their album, 'Night Visions', go 3X Platinum in Canada, it has seen them win a GRAMMY for "Best Rock Performance", it has seen their single "Radioactive" break the record for the longest Hot 100 run in the US (77 weeks) -- but most important, it has seen them seize the rock world by its throat and never let it go.

- Alexa @ ET Canada

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