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Structure of Doctor Who Seasons To See A Slight Change?
by 10and4 @ 12/15/2011 3:17:04 PM  
Tags: News  

According to TGDaily, Steven Moffat is planning a slight evolution in the structure of a Doctor Who season. Now, this isn't a large change, but it has already received some positive/negative feedback from fans around the world.

Moffatt stated that multi-part episodes received the least amount of viewers. Not only that, but it actually costs the same as single-part episodes. This was contrary to his prior beliefs. "They don’t save us money at all. Not a penny. So what’s the point in them? The viewing figures always go down..."

Clearly he has a certain discontent with these episodes, though he didn't rule them out entirely. If they happen, and are absolutely necessary, then they will go through with them. 

Many fans were quite fond of these two parters; especially in the case of Human Nature/Family of Blood. However, few other two parters have received the high ratings that those did. 

Do you agree with Moffatt? Are the two parters essentially pointless? Do they make less meaning of the episodes? Or is it a staple of Doctor Who? 


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