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12/09/12 06:10 AM
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Blog Post: X Factor

Hey Lovatics,
I was watching the x factor the other night. I know you all probably watch it since demi is a judge. You know now that demi has no acts left on her team. Everyone else meaning Brittney spears. simon cowell ,  and la reid have acts. We know that it was hard for demi to lose cece. But i love what she did. Putting the cheetah print on the side of her face like cece. I thought that was so cool but at the same time. If you liked what she did please go like my fb page Peanut Butter Jelly Timee please. Everyone knows she liked it  but wanted her to try to get away from it at the beginning. So i thought that was really cool she did that for cece. i am going to make a fb page again for demi. Someone that was a admin on the page i already had stolled it from me. Please comment on this post. Let me know how you feel about how the x factor is going and who you think will win. Go Demi!! She is already a winner no matter what. 

Delena_Lover91  :) 
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12/09/12 06:15 AM
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Great job delena_lover91 keep on posting!
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12/22/12 03:33 PM
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i thank that she was a great singer that she was a great judge to. that was cool for what she did for cece. i thank brittneys girl is going to win.

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