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04/14/12 11:18 AM
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Blog Post: Real Beauty

Demi made a statement that what matters the most is the real you.And now Demi Lovato has put that philosophy into practice, by posting her photo without any make up on check her on Twitter..I believe some of the celebrities are doing  just what Demi is doing for herself: Like for example Lady Gaga! 

Demi said in a quote "I'm not always perfectly happy with my body," this was on her recent interview with WE7.Demi said she made sure she reminds herself that she is beautiful. Now this is something that  we have to practice as well. This is something that she would recommend to younger girls  and guys who have had trouble accepting the looks that they have. Just be happy and be content. Just simply say I am beautiful..

Demi  is make up  free on her  following videos "Give Your Heart a Break" &"Unbroken"
The 19 year old wants to put it out and show that every woman can be independent on their own.
I think that's the best lesson that we can learned from this young woman.


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04/14/12 09:40 PM
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demi so beatiful i love her music
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04/16/12 05:56 AM
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thank you RyanLavery I do as well she is awesome...

have a Blessed day,

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