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07/30/12 08:46 PM
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What did all of you think of her outfit for the Teen Choice Awards? It was made by a very nice Indian designer. Can't wait to hear your thoughts!

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07/30/12 09:07 PM
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so beautiful
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08/24/12 10:05 PM
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Hey!!! This  is a shout out to Debby.... :)
You are very pretty and sweet and Super Funny!!
Thanks for joining Disney! if it wasn't for you my sister and I most likely wouldn't Ever Watch Disney Channel...
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08/26/12 07:16 PM
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Her hair and shoes are gorgeous, but the dress is a little too busy and kind of confusing. I didn't know where her hands were until my Mom pointed them out. Maybe if it was a little less zigzag-y/poofy/biggy it would be better.
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04/25/13 07:24 AM
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nice .. i like her shoes ..!
So Debby
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05/22/13 06:56 PM
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In this outfit Debby shines like a superstar...... Way to go girl!!!
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06/19/20 07:05 AM
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Here on the site you can see an image of this celebrity that is really good in anture also. I want them to meet . Apart from that the caption here says it Debby's Teen Choice Outfit. We hope that you would be able to find it really good as it is of a great significance for us.
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09/12/20 06:19 AM
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This is the best outfit I've ever seen so far!
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