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09/22/11 06:14 PM
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Do you remember when I posted a video of Debby Ryan’s photo shoot and a summary about her interview for American Cheerleader Magazine? Do you remember the black, white and red cocktail dress she wore?

Well, you can wear it. Really. Check out the e-Bay page where you can bid on the dress. American Cheerleader Magazine is donating 100% of the proceeds to City of Hope.

Let us know if you decide to bid and of course, if you end up with the dress!

Chancellor Nunez
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11/21/19 03:47 AM
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01/28/20 10:04 AM
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The stuff is related to this generous act where Wear Debby’s dress and donate to charity. This is an amazing act of kindness and humanism. Tried for sure for sooner this week. May we all go for it and learn about it for good with everyone around us.
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02/03/20 01:54 AM
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happy wheels

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04/16/20 08:00 AM
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06/13/20 08:40 AM
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This dress is looking beautiful with the wonderful design. This image can also view clear with the htc mobiles. The color scheme is amazing for all the color lovers. 

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