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Debby’s new show “Jessie” starts tonight
by Mandy @ 9/30/2011 5:50:42 PM  
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Tonight’s the night we’ve all been waiting for. It’s the premiere of Debby Ryan’s new show Jessie. Tune into the Disney Channel at 9/8 c to catch our favorite star portraying a nanny to four wealthy kids in New York City.

Debby recently did an MTV interview and talked about her character.

"The character of Jessie—I wanted her to be cool, and I wanted her to be relatable," Debby said. "There's this balance between a little intangible, like someone you really want to hang out with all the time but not someone who couldn't exist in this world. So I think we really nailed that with Jessie."

Debby explained that Jessie grew up near a military base, and that her dad was in special ops.

"So she's kind of tough,” Debby said. “She's got this inherent toughness, but she doesn't need to scream or flaunt it around because she knows she's strong, and that's what the kids respect about her."

But the character does have a lighter side too. "Sometimes she is the only one who laughs at her own jokes. I think she's funny," Debby said. "That's something I like about people. I saw it as a quality about my favorite people in the world."

Let us know if you see the show and what you think!

Also, check out these photos of the Jessie cast.


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