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by dchopsey @ 9/29/2014 1:51:49 PM

Just a note of thanks for the episode yesterday, 9/28/14.  I was a very moving episode that I hope reached a lot of people.  We all think when we say things, we do not hurt others, but those words SURELY HURT and in a way many cannot see.  I especially enjoyed the end when the cast started sharing their views of bullying and what they deal with everyday.  When Ross said that they hear so many negative and means words said about them and they have to just deal with it.  But I would like to tell everyone, NO ONE should have to just deal with it.  Our mean WORDS, even if we think it is only a joke, HURT PEOPLE and HURT THEM DEEPLY.  We have to start CARING ABOUT our fellow man.  I think we have lost the meaning of the words "LOVE THY NEIGHBOR".  People and especially celebrities should not have to get used to hearing bad things said about them.  When we hurt someone with our words, WE ALSO HURT Our GOD with those same words. Before you say something mean about someone or directly to them, please think about two things:  The Crucifix which Our Savior died and suffered for us and what YOU might feel if someone said it about or to YOU.  Please share WORDS OF LOVE and ENCOURAGEMENT; NOT hurt.

by dchopsey @ 4/26/2014 12:37:56 PM

GREAT NEWS.  Disney has promo for the upcoming 4th Season of Austin & Ally.  Another year of AWESOME music and scenes.  CONGRATZ to Ross, Laura, Raini & Callum.

by Veronica @ 6/25/2013 1:01:13 PM

I'm not sure if everyone tuned into Austin and Ally on Sunday night, but it was great!

Laura Marano as Ally has really broken out of her shell! She performed the song "I'm Finally Me," which is all about defeating your shyness, becoming confident, and putting yourself out there!

I just wanted to share this article I wrote about the new song. I am absolutely obsessed! I hope you check it out :D

xoxo Veronica

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