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How do I start?

You can join one of our existing fan clubs run by fans like you. To find an existing club, click here:
It's easy to request a new fan club. Simply follow this link and fill in the club request form:
Do you have an existing club? We can help you move it to FanBuff! Simply follow this link and fill in the form:

What Is FanBuff?

  • FanBuff is the newest and best place to host your fan site!
  • FanBuff is a socially involved network for groups of people who share the same interests, whether they are fans of an sports team, a music star or have a common cause.
  • FanBuff's directory links any user of FanBuff to all the fan sites he/she is interested in.

Why Join FanBuff?

100% Free
No hidden costs, no storage maximums.
If you have an existing fan site, we will assist you on migrating your content to FanBuff.
FanBuff offers integrated Forums, Blogs, Photos, Events, Pages, Projects, etc. for your fan site.
Customize your site's colors, banners, and pages.
Users are able to contribute blogs, news articles, events, etc.
Users accumulate FanBuff Reward Points for visiting and contributing to your club.
Integrated Home Page
Users can see the latest updates from all their favorite fan clubs in the FanBuff network on a single page.
Made by fans for fans.
FanBuff was created by fans for fans. Your strength is our passion.

Intro Video

This video gives an overview of the the major features of FanBuff!

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