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ONE DIRECTION PETITION on 10/24/2013 7:10:22 PM Show/Hide
dude what do you mean our goal its just you that wants to jbpurple
ONE DIRECTION PETITION on 10/24/2013 7:09:08 PM Show/Hide
how much do you like katy perry??? on 10/24/2013 1:02:48 AM Show/Hide

How much do you like Katy Perry rate her out of five stars* five being highest one star* being the lowest if I was allowed to I would give her a five stars***** but I'm not :( 
Tell me how much you love Katy Perry and your favourite song by her try to say the most recent song by her then I will give you a score out of ten to tell you if your like the best #1 fan 10/10 being biggest fan ever 1/10 being a slight fan talk to you soon <3
 se-ya <3

Katy and fan Duet! on 9/15/2013 4:59:14 AM Show/Hide
AMAING lucky fan! :D
Katy's Date to the Grammy's Is... on 9/15/2013 4:57:01 AM Show/Hide
Katy's Date to the Grammy's Is... on 9/15/2013 4:56:21 AM Show/Hide
soo sorry I don't mean to send them twice it doesn't send so I send it again then it sends twice :O
who thinks katy Perrys... on 8/22/2013 12:59:00 PM Show/Hide

who agrees that Katy Perry is so pretty 1 comment she's average 10 comments she's pretty good looking 15 she's  pretty hot 20+ she's perfect and just amazingly beautiful :)                                                                                                                                     you can comment once a day If I were allowed I would comment 500 times she's gorgeous she's perfect I would LOVE to be Katy Perry well who wouldn't but sadly I'm not allowed to comment if you thinks she's pretty or you just adore her like me comment and we will see just how many people love her just as much as me any tell me what you think give her a rating out of five stars five being perfect one being ugly I have already given her a five star rating ***** I love her she is so pretty anyway give her a rating out of five tell me what you think :)
Katy perry pics on 6/14/2013 3:52:42 AM Show/Hide
Katy Brings All Ages Together on 6/14/2013 1:11:55 AM Show/Hide

your so pretty I absolutely LOVE this picture I LOVE your hair style and I LOVE your hair colours everything about this photo is perfect I mean PERFECT!                                           I LOVE it I LOVE EVERYTHING! 
                                           LOVE JASMIN#1 
Katy's prettiest pics on 6/14/2013 12:55:41 AM Show/Hide
Katy Perry your so pretty I mean PRETTY I love EVERY single one of these I love how you always have amazing hair with cute colours and awesome styles I also love your poises you a perfect lady!
                                                             I love you!
                                                        love Jasmin#1
Katy Perry Continues Her Political Promotions on 6/14/2013 12:43:37 AM Show/Hide
this picture looks amazing I love it!
Oscar Potential - Best Song for "Wide Awake" on 6/14/2013 12:40:10 AM Show/Hide
I love this picture and the movie :)

It is so amazing and I don't know how they do it o.m.g so cool I hope Katy Perry comes to new Zealand I love her, her music and her movie :)
Katy And 1D's Niall! on 6/13/2013 4:36:02 AM Show/Hide
ok its cute Katy but you can do better I mean Niall is just a teenager I love you but I want you to have the right MAN in your life if your going to have one I mean I love both of you just not as a couple!
                           (sorry if this seemed offensive to anyone I didn't mean it to be)
                                              from jasmin#1 <3 love you Katy <3 :)
Katy Goes Old Fashioned! on 6/13/2013 4:29:10 AM Show/Hide
I love them you a super pretty women and I love you! :)
Katy Wins Favorite Female Artist! on 6/13/2013 4:26:49 AM Show/Hide
pretty oh so pretty you are Katy you should come to New Zealand I love you so much and would be delighted to hear you live I'm your #1 fan your everything you can sing your skinny your pretty and so much more please come to New Zealand I love you so much!
                                                  love jasmin<3 :)
Katy Perry Named Billboard Women of the Year! on 6/13/2013 4:22:29 AM Show/Hide
ok you look super pretty also you look like cat off victorious but she is pretty as well so that's a complement!
                                                          :) jasmin#1
Katy's Fashion! - In Dubai on 6/13/2013 4:19:10 AM Show/Hide
I like it! :)
Katy's Fashion! - In Dubai on 6/13/2013 4:18:41 AM Show/Hide
I must say that is one cool outfit Katy Perry! :)
Katy Perry and Obama on 6/13/2013 4:14:26 AM Show/Hide
you always have amazing nails Katy I love them! :)
Katy + Hockey on 6/13/2013 4:13:02 AM Show/Hide
did any one else notice that Katy is always smiling awww she is so pretty!

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