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Frequently Asked Questions

Why FanBuff?
There are a lot of different web sites out there created by fans of a particular sports team, music star, television show, or other common interest. FanBuff makes it so that you can join fan clubs devoted to your interests all on a single site, with a common layout and a single login.
Does FanBuff cost anything?
FanBuff is completely free, for both creators and users of each club.
I'd like to participate in a fan club. How do I get involved?
Great question! If you don't have an account with FanBuff, simply create one on (click the Join Now button under the login bar). Then, simply visit the club you want to join, and click the Join link underneath the club's menu bar.
How do I contribute and what types of things can I contribute?
FanBuff is all about empowering you the fan to share your thoughts, opinions, stories, photos, videos, etc. with others. You can submit content to the administrator/managers from each of the major sections of a club (Blogs, Forums, Calendar/Events, Photos). Once approved, your content will be displayed for everyone to see and discuss.
How do I become an administrator or manager of a club?
All fan clubs require some basic level of management. Administrators are primarily responsible for assigning managers, sending out club updates to members, and banning abusive members. Managers are responsible for managing the content on the site. There are different managerial roles for each of the main sections of a club (including Blogs, Events, Forums, Photos, Pages, and Style). A member can have multiple manager roles. If you'd like to become a manager or administrator of a club, you can send a message to an existing administrator. The list of the administrators on the club is available on the Members section of the club.
How do I create a new club?
If you are interested in creating a club, you can click on the Request Club link at the top (you will see this only if you are logged in). FanBuff will review your request and respond shortly by placing marking your club as a "Pending Club". Once enough users have shown interest in your new club, we will create it and notify you and the other interested members accordingly.
Who owns the club?
Each fan club is "owned" by the fans. What the fans put on the club in terms of content, forum postings, blog articles, events, etc. isn't owned by any one individual. Sure, there are people who administer and manage the club, but it really is in a sense community owned.

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