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She's 24 !!!   New Post
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12/14/12 01:12 PM
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Blog Post: She's 24 !!!

yup , it's her birthday today , 12/14/2012 is a date i can never forget I mean she's 24 years old you guys ..... OMG !!!!! 

she is a grown sexy women now and i can't wait for her upcoming movies and projects  and i believe she may win an oscar award very very soon 


She is such a talented , sweet , amazing , adorable person and that's why she have a lot of fans who are supporting her all the time !! :D 

I remember when i saw her first time in High school musical , it's like seeing an angel on earth 
i was impressed by her voice , her beauty .... and i fall in love  :DD LOL


I wish her the best  .. and i wish her happiness and success always ... she worth that ! 


                                         Thanks for My childhood Vanessa 
                                            YOU ARE THE BEST BABY 

                                H A P P Y  B I R T H D A Y  M I S S  H U D G E N S

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10/25/16 04:32 AM
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