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01/11/12 11:09 AM
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This year was a great start on Vanessa Hudgens career, she got nominated for the 2012 People’s Choice Awards and she also stars at the " Spring Breakers," " Frozen Ground," also in the upcoming indie film " Gimmie Shelter" and she also joined the cast of " Journey 2: The Mysterious Island." I believe that this year was a great year for her and now she is the new cover girl of Hot magazine. Vanessa Hudgens looks absolutely gorgeous on the cover of Hot Magazine! Inside the magazine Vanessa talks about her upcoming movies and what’s coming up in her career.

What do you think of the cover of the magazine?

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01/13/12 08:37 AM
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I like her style..
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10/25/16 04:32 AM
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02/15/17 06:39 AM
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Fans of Vanessa Hudgens must read this magzine which all about her. Her bio, work history and other information which is not in Media. We can acknowledge such inofrmation to read this magzine. Actually, I need best essay writing service but i'm happy to read this magzine which is good for all fans.
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03/17/17 10:40 AM
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Vanessa Hudgens is a very sophisticated and charming girl that everybody loves seeing onscreen.  She has a unique sense of style and beauty that everyone adores.  In fact there are a lot of reviews about her life and achievements in and our of Hollywood.

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