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01/04/12 08:42 PM
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Vanessa Hudgens is one lucky girl, she started her career at the Hit series of the disney channel original movie "High school musical". This year she have new movies and projects to start her career this 2012. Vanessa Hudgens has already proven that she is willing to do what it takes, she cutted her beautiful hair for her role in the upcoming movie Gimme Shelter. Vanessa has continued to move away from the typical Disney roles.

As well as playing the lead in the drama Gimme Shelter,Vanessa Hudgens is also set to appear in the thriller The Frozen Ground, which is based on true events. She also joined the Spring breaker movie together with Emma Roberts, James Franco and Selena Gomez.



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01/06/12 06:40 AM
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wow, she might even win the oscar awards. She's so talented and I still like her old long hair.
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01/08/12 10:38 PM
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I agree with zinnia0621, she's so talented.. 
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11/16/16 07:51 AM
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She is looking pretty Good. She is famous Actress and Model. I have watched her every movie and i'm big fan of her. Here i want some more beautiful pictures and some content about her life. Infect, I also need best essay and hope these things i will get from this website.
Alex Sam
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12/20/16 02:21 AM
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01/24/17 06:32 AM
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Vanessa Anne Hudgens wasn't fired from Disney. They were disappointed in her actions, but they couldn't fire her, otherwise the whole high school musical hysteria would lose its fire.  Assignment Writing Services UK
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02/15/17 11:19 PM
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Being part of the Disney babies is really a great step toward the success of your career in Hollywood.  Vanessa has a beauty that is distinct among other actresses, she has the tendency to make heads turn with her looks and style.  No wonder she is the topic on the research papers of many students nowadays.
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03/18/17 01:34 PM
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04/10/17 04:16 AM
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04/16/17 06:42 AM
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04/16/17 06:45 AM
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