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07/23/11 06:20 PM
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I have a presentation to make to Scotty at the Manchester NH concert if I can get an answer on what to do.   I am a state representative for NH and I would like to present him something on behalf of NH.,  Someone please let me know how this can be done.   Thank you!  I can be reached at 603-496-2917.    I would like to do this prior to his concert behind the stage.    DickPatten

Could someone please respond to my request because if I don't know then I can't proceed with my gift.  We are very pleased to have him as a guest in our state and congratulate him on his win.   Hopefully, he will grant this request or his agent will but as of now, I don't know whom to contact. 
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07/25/11 03:56 PM
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My name is, Orania Hamilton and i reside in , Sandpoint , Idaho. I am a published poet and I wrote scotty a poem which I sent to him. In response he sent me a autographed picture of himself. He is by far a very talented young man. Below is the poem I sent.

A talent played upon a stage
Your name then penned upon a page
The sound of music lingers there,
then softly rides on evening air
Country tunes like gentle chimes
A voice with tears ,a smile that shines
Perfection shown with no disguise
Your talent grows before our eyes
Cheerful hymns, others sad in song
Your voice's timbre, never wrong
God gave you a gift and it belongs
for you to sing His country songs
The song bird croons and then it flies
So is your faith that never dies
Your pyramid of dreams will soar
Within an orchid mist forevermore
Orania hamilton
Copy write June 6,2011
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07/25/11 04:27 PM
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Wow, Orania, that was excellent. I really loved it. Love to read more of your work.
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07/25/11 05:24 PM
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Hi Dan

Thank you for the compliment. I am working on  my third book  this year that should be done by the end of the year. if you like you can go to>>>?Orania Hamilton Cries of the Soul Poetry Collection Water Forest Press?? - YouTube  and also Love Poem 122 - Love Poems And Quotes

I write mostly love poems, I am a romantic writer. if you like poetry of this nature I could send you some.Since you seem to enjoy reading poetry, do you write poetry as well?

For the love of poetry
Orania Hamilton

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07/25/11 08:19 PM
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Hi Orania: I'm not a real big poetry fan, but this poem and how it would relate to Scotty, set off that little bell that said "Oh, I like this". And it gave me goosebumps. I've worked on oil paintings most of my life. Lately I just do a painting that I print into Christmas cards for my family & friends. If you would like to send me some of your poetry, could you send it to this email address..   thank you, Dan
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08/28/11 02:31 PM
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@dick patten maybe contact the venue or tweet Scottys father MikeMcCreery
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08/28/11 03:30 PM
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Hello Mr. Patten,

I would also suggest that you tweet Scotty's dad at @MikeMGarner (Mike McCreery) he's good at keeping Scotty's fans updated.

Good luck, I hope that you get to present your gift to him. I sure Scotty would be very honored.
Edited by ByeBabyBunting on 8/28/2011 7:33:05 PM

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