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Which song should be the 3rd Single off the See You Tonight Album?

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Date Started: 3/1/2011
Registered Users: 1811
Welcome to the #1 Scotty McCreery Fan Site!

We have been with Scotty throughout his Idol journey and now support him as he launches his music career!!!

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The Latest

by Lynne @ 8/20/2014 7:28:32 PM

                SYT Tour Fires Up South & MidWest

 "Feelin' It" is #1 on GAC Top 20 Countdown!!!
        Carolina Moon - Aug 21 Glen Allen VA - Innsbrook After Hours, Richmond VA,,GAC_26058_47219,0.html 
 Scotty VOTING 2014

Aug 22  Kentucky State Fair, Louisville KY - 8 pm  SG Kelsey K

Haley Marie ‏HaleeyMarieex33  Finally enjoying after hours of endless driving through the rain from Lexington!  Thank you Scotty

Todd Unser ‏@ToddUnser  There is no less than 10,000 teenage girls in boots here to see @ScottyMcCreery tonight.  It will be a madhouse.

Scotty McCreery ‏@ScottyMcCreery  Louisville!  Still gonna be a big night.  As of now just heard the show's still on!  Lets do it!

Serrina Teran ‏serrina_teran   We are dedicated fans at the gate!!  Waiting for the storm to pass!    

Aug 22 - Brenna! ‏BrennaMcCall   Hey we're still here 

erika ‏misserikaj  Standing in the rain waiting for has been the best part of my day.

Sydney Arvin ‏SydneyArvin2    we are patiently waiting for the storm to pass.     

Aug 22 - Sabrina Armes ‏sabrinaarmes  The stuff I'm going through to see !!!! 😩😩

‏Shelby1822  Okay we have to evacuate the stadium because of lightning...I didn't pick up my m&g pass yet 😩😩😩

Abbie Carlton ‏AbbieCarlton   The concert was postponed and we lost our seats we waited in line for two hours for.  Awesome. 😔

courtney ‏courtneyhghs1  Beyond mad that we having to "vacate the area" because the storm

‏brett13  dude we waited 5 hours & were in the front & now we just lost our seats...

erika ‏misserikaj   Stupid thunderstorm interrupting the concert

10 pm ET - Gates Open
Kassidy Price ‏@KassidyPrice  The @ScottyMcCreery fans that just went sprinting & shrieking towards the stadium was actually way more terrifying than the storm. 😳 #ohmy

Hannah Causey ‏@HannahRebecca9  Scotty Mccreery's voice is so sexy😍

    Great Interview WAMZ Kentucky

Aug 22 - Bekah Raichel ‏BekahRaichel  WE'RE HERE!!!  SO READY TO HEAR YOU 

Aug 22 - Kelsey K ‏KelseyKmusic  I can't wait to come back to the tomorrow night and open for !!!!  Gonna be a great night!

Aug 21 - Scotty plays golf before Innsbrook After Hours, Richmond VA


Aug 20
 93.1 WPOC Hot Summer Nights Concert Series, Glen Burnie MD
 - 7:30 pm  SG Canaan Smith, Kelsey Abbott

   WPOC Concert Photos:

Aug 20 - Carly Wood ‏carrllzzzz  Ladies and Gentleman this is keeping it country     [phone]

Aug 20 - Becky✌️TODAY✌️ ‏Beckers1982  Oh  I see ya lookin’ 

Aug 20 - Becky✌️TODAY✌️ ‏Beckers1982 

Aug 20  Darcy Oursler ‏DARCvader10  Hello gorgeous   

Embedded image permalink
Aug 20 - Sugaaarrr ‏@SUM__beach  OMG I LOVEE @ScottyMcCreery

Aug 20 - Canaan Smith ‏canaansmith  TONIGHT you'll find me & at 's Hot Summer Nights Concert Series!  See you there 

Aug 20 - Nora Holmes ‏noraxholmes   Holy is in my online sociology class

Megan ‏@_MegItHappen  @KelsAbbottMusic and @canaansmith did a great job!  Awesome music and both very nice people!  Now waiting for @ScottyMcCreery!!

Michael's Eighth Ave ‏Michaels8th  putting on an awesome show for everyone!

Lindsey Alvey ‏@LindseyAlvey  Well met Scotty mccreery tonight!!!  And he said something about us matching😏😘 #bae #lifescomplete…

Rachel Patek ‏@Rachel_Patek  Just got to listen to @ScottyMcCreery and meet him.  My heart just melted.  Even more talented and adorable in person.  #blueeyes #dreamy

Melissa Patek ‏@MelissaPatek  @ScottyMcCreery was my first ever concert, so glad I went!  It was amazing!
Michael's Eighth Ave ‏Michaels8th  Thanks again for gracing our garden stage, you put on a great show and we were happy to have you!


Aug 21  Innsbrook After Hours, Richmond VA - 6 pm
                            SG Alex Hall , Brittany Marie
        Carolina Moon - Aug 21 Innsbrook After Hours, Glen Allen/Richmond VA

        Aug 21 - Scotty plays golf before concert

Aug 21 - Sarah ‏ohsaritalove  Scotty was so amazing and incredible tonight!  I was that girl dancing up front and I couldn't stop!

Aug 21 - Makenzie ‏SilverLinings94  Great show tonight you did a great job! 

Aug 21 - elizabeth ‏spidermanlucas  Scotty makes everything better  so glad to see you again!     

Aug 21 -∞Brittany McGuire∞ ‏@Brittany55667  great concert!  Come back soon 😍😍@ScottyMcCreery

Aug 21 - courtney thomas ‏Courtney121097   Had a blast at my first Scotty concert over 5 hrs to get there but u where definitely worth the drive 

Morgan Ann Bales ‏@bigmorggz  @ScottyMcCreery is hot as hell🔥

Katherine Corl ‏kathcorl  Scotty mccreery's voice is sooooooo hot

Kristen Ramsey ‏kristenmramsey  This close to Scotty McCreery! 

casarito. ‏@casie_noelle99  @ScottyMcCreery You're truly a heaven sent.  You're so sweet, I miss you already.

ellen❀ ‏elllenckirtner  is actually 5 billion times more attractive in person and I didn't think that was possible


Abby ‏AbbyKidd11  that man truly can put on a great show :) best concert ever haha

Aug 21 - Hannah King ‏@hannah_king00  Got to meet Scotty McCreery 😍😍😍😍😩😩

Aug 20 - Julia Brown ‏julia_brown6  WAITING TO MEET SCOTTY   

Aug 21 - Cindy alvis ‏cacmolscrapper  WELCOME to GLEN ALLEN, VA!

Aug 21 - Becky✌️TODAY✌️ ‏Beckers1982   Huge crowd for  


Aug 22  Kentucky State Fair, Louisville KY - 8 pm   SG Kelsey K



Aug 23  Packapalooza, Hillsborough St, NCSU, Raleigh NC - 8:45 pm

Embedded image permalink

    Scotty McCreery and Chancellor Woodson strum a few chords before they launch in their performance.
    2013 -  Scotty McCreery and Chancellor Woodson

    2013 Packapalooza   Packapalooza, NCSU, Raleigh NC - Aug 24



Sep 8  Wayne Country Fair, Wooster OH - 8 pm


Sep 11  Tennessee Valley Fair, Chilhowee Park, Knoxville TN - 8 pm
                            SG Lauren Wright



Sep 12  Honeywell Center, Wabash IN - 7:30 pm

    Ford Theater - Honeywell Center - Wabash, Indiana


Sep 13  Michael A Guido Theater, Ford Community & PAC, Dearborn MI - 8 pm



Sep 19  Military Appreciation Day, Tour Championship, 
                       TPC Sawgrass, Ponte Vedra Beach FL

Scotty McCreery is coming to town to headline the Military Appreciation concert for the Tour Championship, at TPC Sawgrass in September.

The Tour Championship is the last event of the Tour season and will be played on the Dye Valley Course from September 18-21.

Scotty will perform on the back lawn of the TPC Clubhouse on Friday, September 19, after second round play is over.


Sep 20  Beau Rivage Theatre, Biloxi MS - 8 pm

Scotty McCreery Tickets - Biloxi - 9/20/2014


Sep 26  Temple Theatre, Saginaw MI - 8 pm

    The Temple Theatre Photo #1


Sep 27  Pfeirrer Hall, Naperville IL - 8 pm

    Jul 12, 2012 - American Music Theatre, Lancaster PA (Owen Sweeney /


Aug 20  93.1 WPOC Hot Summer Nights Concert Series, Glen Burnie MD - 7:30 pm
                    SG Canaan Smith, Kelsey Abbott
Aug 21  Innsbrook After Hours, Richmond VA - 6 pm  SG Alex Hall , Brittany Marie
Aug 22  Kentucky State Fair, Louisville KY - 8 pm  SG Kelsey K
Aug 23  Packapalooza, Hillsborough St, NCSU, Raleigh NC - 8:45 pm - Scotty headlines
Sep 8    Wayne Country Fair, Wooster OH - 8 pm
Sep 11  Tennessee Valley Fair, Chilhowee Park, Knoxville TN - 8 pm
Sep 12  Honeywell Center, Wabash IN - 7:30 pm
Sep 13  Ford Community & PAC, Dearborn MI - 8 pm
Sep 19  Military Appreciation Day, Tour Championship, TPC Sawgrass,
                 Ponte Vedra Beach FL
Sep 20  Beau Rivage Theatre, Biloxi MS - 8 pm
Sep 26  Temple Theatre, Saginaw MI - 8 pm
Sep 27  Pfeirrer Hall, Naperville IL - 8 pm

by Lynne @ 8/7/2014 6:36:32 PM

                 SYT Tour Rocks Midwest & South

    Aug 16 - Carowinds Paladium, Charlotte NC   TODD SUMLIN -                 


Aug 7
- Missouri State Fair, Sedalia MO - 7:30 pm 
SG Kelsey K, PB Wilson Music

Aug 7 - NIcole Baker ‏nicolebaker96  Please take me back such an amazing time!! 

Aug 7 - bailey ray cyrus ‏bayTemp  YOU WERE AMAZING AND HOT 

Aug 7 - Kelsey♥ ‏DreamerKels2193  most definitely!! :)

Scotty McCreery, left, plays with bassist Nathan Thomas Thursday night. 
Aug 7 Missouri State Fair, Sedalia MO
 - Photo & Story by Andy Lyons ‏theLYON85, Central MO News, Aug 8

    While Kelsey K got the crowd ready, Scotty McCreery definitely brought the house down.  As the lights dimmed and his band hit the stage, the Grandstand erupted in screams as the women in attendance swooned for the American Idol alum.

Read More:

Shania Moore ‏@GhostInThisRoom  Some girl is screaming "Scotty Scotty I Want Your Body" and I'm still laughing

Katie Wilson ‏@katieFwilson  Soooo... @ScottyMcCreery has his phone in his back pocket at the concert & I think he should take it out & tweet me!! original.giforiginal.gif  [Should take phones out of back pockets during concerts]

Anthony Kitchen ‏@Chanthony40  @ScottyMcCreery could be a stand up comedian!! Hahaha #hilarious  Missouri, USA

Kelch ‏KelseyPahlow  is more perfect in person.  I had the best time of my life last night!

Courtney original.gif ‏@Courtney4793  @ScottyMcCreery is my favorite person to see in concert he's so amazing live original.gif

♥Niki McCreerian♥ ‏@ForeverMcCreery   @ScottyMcCreery Hey, I think you're absolutely AMAZING live & you're pretty dang handsome too! 💕

Kαуlα ✞ ‏@FlawlessScotty  @ScottyMcCreery is one of very few artists that sounds exactly like (and if not even better) the CD recording.

Amanda Weber ‏@amandakkins  Dear @ScottyMcCreery thank you so much for the amazing night and for singing Carolina Moon. #OldCountry

sarah. ‏@scottsmccreery  @ScottyMcCreery meeting you was probably the best day of my life, thanks for being so sweet original.gif

Kristen Snider ‏@kevans9500  ScottyMcCreery absolutely killed it tonight!  #missouristatefair

Aug 7 - Katelynn Smith ‏OhWaitItsKateee  State Fair Concert!  Can't wait to hear !


Aug 8Sioux Empire Fair, Sioux Falls
SD - 8 pm

The crowd waits in anticipation for American Idol winner Scotty McCreery to perform at the 75th annual Sioux Empire Fair on Friday, August 8, 2014.
Aug 8 -  The crowd waits in anticipation for American Idol winner Scotty McCreery to perform at the 75th annual Sioux Empire Fair on Friday, August 8, 2014.  Bobbi Sheldon / Argus Leader

Aug 8 - American Idol winner Scotty McCreery performs at the 75th annual Sioux Empire Fair on Friday, August 8, 2014.  Bobbi Sheldon / Argus Leader

American Idol winner Scotty McCreery performs at the 75th annual Sioux Empire Fair on Friday, August 8, 2014.
Aug 8 - American Idol winner Scotty McCreery performs at the 75th annual Sioux Empire Fair on Friday, August 8, 2014.  Bobbi Sheldon / Argus Leader


        Aug 8 - Sydney Sutten ‏SydneySutten  Because what's better than front row to and getting his number written on my hand😍❤️

Aug 8 - KIKN 100.5  Scotty McCreery takes the stage at the Sioux Empire Fair! (DC)

Aug 8 - Chris Calhoun ‏calhounktwb  And now the crowd is filing out!  Great show!    

Aug 8 - Jamie Gaspar ‏j_sweetchick  Awesome show in SD!

Aug 8 - Chris Calhoun ‏calhounktwb   Crowd gathering for        

Aug 8 - Soo_Randomm @Soo_Randomm  Thank you so much @SiouxEmpireFair!!!!!

                            Sioux Empire Fair


                               Scotty's Home Away From Home

    Aug 9 - Jeffrey Harper jeffreyharper  Day off at Mt. Rushmore! 

   Guys who travel with Scotty on Tour Bus "Big Loretta"

                 You will see them at Scotty's Concerts!
      Front L to R:  
        @dylanrosson         Dylan Rosson - Lead Guitar
        Jim Carson              Jim Carson -  Merchandise Manager
        @MikeTheTourMgr   Michael Childers  - Tour Manager
      Back L to R:
        @Jori_Johnson        Jori Johnson - Technician
        @JustinWard77       Justin Ward - Steel Guitar
        @joeysanchez1       Joey Sanchez - Drums
        @jeffreyharper        Jeffrey Harper - Band Leader, Keys
        Josh                        Josh - Videographer
        Mark Banks             Mark Banks - Big Loretta Tour Bus Driver
        @JaymeBraun         Jayme Braun - Production Manager
        ‏@ScottyMcCreery   Scotty McCreery - Singer/songwriter
                                               American Idol Winner, Season 10
        @Nathantbass        Nathan Thomas - Bass Guitar

    James D. Hagen ‏SecJimHagen   THANKS for spending time in and   We hope you had a great time here.  Come back and visit again!

    Aug 10 - Jeffrey Harper ‏jeffreyharper  with Mini-Conan    - Left to Right: @joeysanchez1-drums, @jeffreyharper-band leader & keys, @dylanrosson-lead guitar, @MikeTheTourMgr-tour manager, -singer/songwriter  


Scotty McCreery Takes Over No. 1 on GAC's Top 20   Breaking! 

by Lynne @ 7/30/2014 7:51:32 PM

           SYT Tour Rolls North to NY MA ME ... then CA

Aug 2 Indian Ranch, Webster MA  Becky Weitzel  Becky✌️17 days✌️‏Beckers1982  


        Embedded image permalink
        ~Tiffany~ ‏lovingScotty8  "I'm Scotty McCreery"
Jul 30    Chemung Country Fair, Horseheads NY - 7:30 pm
Jul 31    Cattaraugus County Fair, Little Valley NY - 7:30 pm  SG Clare Dunn
Aug 1    Cape Cod Melody Tent, Hyannis MA - 8 pm  SG Jillian Cardarelli
Aug 2    Indian Ranch, Webster MA - 2 pm
Aug 3    101.9 WPOR Concert At The Beach, Seaside Pavilion, Old Orchard Beach,
                South Portland ME - 6 pm  SG Canaan Smith, RaeLynn
Aug 5    106.7 KJUG Summer Concert, Hanford CA - 7 pm,,GAC_26058_47219,0.html
    Post-Concert Massage

                  Luke Who?

by Lynne @ 7/25/2014 9:44:45 PM

        Scotty Rocks The MidWest - OH WI IL IA TN

Jul 27 Ohio State Fair, Columbus OH  Moms4McCreery - Scotty McCreery

 Wed Jul 23  WGAR "Afternoon Saloon," Cleveland OH - 6:30 pm

by Lynne @ 7/9/2014 2:06:05 PM

Friday Tune In!  Scotty Concert - Fox & Friends  7:35 am ET

Embedded image permalink
Fri Jul 11 - FOX & Friends ‏foxandfriends   Hey friends!  Join us on the plaza this FRIDAY! 7-9 am ET at 48th & 6th in NYC!  

Embedded image permalink

View image on Twitter

Scotty Entertains Fans in PA NJ NY - Fox & Friends Concert

 Jul 10 - BOB 94.9 WRBT Harrisburg PA studio/theater concert - 12 noon

    BOB 94.9
BOB949FM   A packed house greets before his show at tonight! 


    Photo: See and meet Scotty McCreery in the Bob 94.9 Performance Theater - Powered by Sprint. Enter here >>
Scotty performs at American Music Theater on July 10th!

 Jul 10 - American Music Theater, Lancaster PA - 8 pm   SG Clark Manson

 Jul 11 - Fox & Friends All-American Summer Concert Series, NYC NY - 8 am ET

scotty mccreery feelin it video debut 01
Jul 11 - Scotty McCreery hits the stage for FOX & Friends' All American Concert Series outside of FOX Studios on Friday morning (July 11) in New York City.

scotty mccreery feelin it video debut 10
Jul 11 - Scotty McCreery hits the stage for FOX & Friends' All American Concert Series outside of FOX Studios on Friday morning (July 11) in New York City


 Jul 11 - Bergen Performing Arts Center, Englewood NJ - 8 pm  SG Scott DeCarlo
    Bergen Performing Arts Center, Englewood, NJ

 Jul 12 - 107.7 WGNA Country Festival, Schaghticoke Fairgrounds, Schenectady NY
       Scotty McCreery, Dan, Dan+Shay, Jake Owen, Montgomery Gentry, John Michael Montgomery


Jul 10 -

Jul 10    BOB 94.9 WRBT Harrisburg PA studio/theater concert - 12 noon
Jul 10    American Music Theater, Lancaster PA - 8 pm   SG Clark Manson
Jul 11    Fox & Friends All American Summer Concert Series, NYC NY - 8 am ET
Jul 11    Bergen Performing Arts Center, Englewood NJ - 8 pm  SG Scott DeCarlo
Jul 12    107.7 WGNA Country Festival, Schaghticoke Fairgrounds, Schenectady NY
       Scotty McCreery, Dan, Dan+Shay, Jake Owen, Montgomery Gentry, John Michael Montgomery

   Tour Schedule 
  Click "Events"
Scotty's SCHEDULE 2014
  Scotty's SCHEDULE 2013

Fan Club

Embedded image permalink
Aug 10 - KansasHumaneSociety ‏kshumanesociety  Scotty McCreery is performing at KHS's 2nd annual All for the Paws concert on Aug 10.  Tix go on sale Fri, July 11!

by Lynne @ 7/3/2014 2:28:08 PM

Adds, Spins, Chart Placement

 For the Week Ending today, Mon Jul 7, 16 Mediabase-monitored radio stations have added "Feelin' It" to their Playlist, which means that 102 out of 149 Mediabase-monitored radio stations have added "Feelin' It":
KATC / Colorado Springs
KATM / Stockton
KAWO / Boise
KBUL / Lexington
KHKI / Des Moines
KPLX / Dallas
KRST / Albuquerque
KUBL / Salt Lake City
WBUL / Atlanta
WFMS / Indianapolis
WGKX / Memphis
WIVK / Knoxville
WKDF / Nashville
WKHX / Atlanta
WNSH / New York
WSIX / Nashville TN

In addition, 6 Secondary Market/Activator radio stations have added "Feelin' It" to their Playlist:
KBUL / Reno
WJCL / Savannah
WKCN / Columbus
WLWI / Montgomery
WQXK / Youngstown
WWWW / Ann Arbor

“Feelin’ It” was released 3 months ago on 4/14/2014.

As of today, it is #39 on the Mediabase/Aircheck Country Music Chart.

The GOAL is #1.

To reach this goal, Mediabase-monitored radio stations must add "Feelin' It" to their Playlist so they can spin it, then spin it heavily so that it quickly climbs up the country music charts.

This past week for the first time, in addition to 4 Regular Adds in which the radio station decides to add "Feelin' It" to its Playlist, there were also 12 "Auto Adds" by 12 of the 15 Cumulus-owned Mediabase-monitored radio stations whereby "Feelin' It" is automatically added to the station's Playlist when the station spins "Feelin' It" at least 7 times during the past week (Sun Jun 29 - Sat Jul 5).

SPINS are a major factor in determining Mediabase/Aircheck chart placement, with spins by the heavily-weighted radio stations (those reaching the greatest listening audience) carrying the most points for chart placement: 

    # of Spins x Station Weight =  # of Mediabase Points

Of the 16 Adds this week, many are heavily-weighted radio stations.

The 47 Mediabase-monitored radio stations that need to add "Feelin' It" are:
AZ    KIIM Tucson, KNIX Phoenix
CA    KNCI Sacramento, KUZZ Bakersfield, KSKS Fresno, KFGY Santa Rosa
CO    KUAD Ft Collins, KYGO Denver, KCCY Colorado Springs
FL     WQIK Jacksonville, WCKT Ft Myers, WKIS Miami, WPCV Lakeland, WQYK Tampa, 
            WWKA Orlando
GA    WKXC Augusta
ID     KIZN Boise
IL      WUSN Chicago
KY     WAMZ Louisville, WQNU Louisville
ME    WTHT Portland
MA    WKLB Waltham
MI     WBCT Grand Rapids, WITL Lansing, WYCD Detroit    (MI has no adds so far)
NE     KXKT Omaha
NY     WBBS Syracuse, WBEE Rochester
NC    WKKT Charlotte
OH    WHKO Dayton
OK    KVOO Tulsa
PA     WDSY Pittsburgh
RI     WCTK Providence
SC    WCOS Columbia, WEZL Charleston, WSSL Greenville    (SC has no adds so far)
TX     KCYY San Antonio, KILT Houston, KASE Austin, KRYS Corpus Christi
VA     WGH Norfork, WSLC Roanoke
WA    KKWF Seattle, KDRK Spokane
Sydicated  PCCO CC Premium Choice, W1HC WestwoodOne, W1MC WestwoodOne

Note:  "Feelin' It" may appear on the station's Mediabase Request List but may not have yet been added to its Playlist.  These are two separate lists.

19 states have completed adds for "Feelin' It":  AL, AR, DE, IN, IA, KS, LA, MD, MN, MS, MO, NV, NJ, NM, OR, TN, UT, DC, WI

July 8
are UP 41 spins over prior day
    Chart Placement is UP #38 Mediabase, #38 Billboard

Source:  IdolForums “Scotty’s Single Feelin It release 4/14

Jul 5 - hat over the eyes = KO

        Scotty Headlines Independence Day Concerts

 2013  A Capitol Fourth, Washington DC - Jul 3 & 4

 Jul 4 Fourth of July Festival, Palmetto FL - 7 pm   SG Jake Castro Band, Goodbyeddie

Jul 4 - Palmetto FL 

Jul 4 - Palmetto FL

Jul 4 - Palmetto FL

Jul 4 - Palmetto FL


Article American Idol Star McCreery Warms Up Palmetto Crowd For Explosive Fourth  

Article Palmetto Fourth of July Celebration Goes Country

Videos:   ILYTB  Fan covers TTWG

Embedded image permalink
Jul 4 - Palmetto FL - Mike McCreery MikeMGarner  Had a great time with the good people of Palmetto today, celebrating their July 4th Festival with  

Embedded image permalink
Jul 4 - Palmetto FL - Mike McCreery MikeMGarner  Here in Palmetto at the 4th of July Festival, sings about Something More! 

Embedded image permalink
Jul 4 - Palmetto FL  Mike McCreery MikeMGarner  Who would have known in Palmetto, Florida at a concert we would have folks from Garner! 

Jul 4 - Palmetto FL  Hannah Howard hanhoward97   I was "Feelin' It" with this 4th of July!      

Jul 4 - Palmetto FL - Julie Aranibar ‏juliearanibar  Scotty is rocking Palmetto!  

Jul 4 106.5 CTQ Take-over & Conley Buick-GMC Garage Concert, Sarasota FL

Jul 4  5:30 am DL flts RDU to TPA w/conx through ATL - Scotty Sleeps - Mike McCreery @MikeMGarner  Just boarded 5 minutes ago and with @ScottyMcCreery it doesn't take long [for Scotty to fall asleep]

Scotty's Travel Tweets

July 5 @ 7:25 am ET - Scotty tweets before departure on nonstop flight TPA to LAX, arriving LAX @ 9:07 am PT where Scotty heads off to purchase a new Iphone. 

Scotty and Mike have upgrades to First Class--Scotty window, Mike aisle.

Mike tweets that Scotty has the window seat and is keeping the window shutter DOWN.  Scotty says his rules count (shutter down) because he is sitting in the window seat, and that person sets the rules for the shutter!  So Funny!  Scotty is grounded!

Mike McCreery MikeMGarner  Boarding a 5 hour TPA to LAX flight & no video or power outlets on this flight.  Yet I can fly RDU to ATL & get both. 

Mike McCreery MikeMGarner  So won't open the window on 5 hour flight.  He says whoever sits in window seat sets the rules.  I have rules 2  's grounded

PS:  Scotty's blue eyes unprotected cannot tolerate heavy sunlight, and he does not want to wear sunglasses during the flight.

9:07 am Scotty arrives in LAX and heads to the Apple Store for his new phone, then exchanges tweets with friend Tyler White:

Scotty McCreery ‏@ScottyMcCreery   Phone's been busted last few days.. finally at the apple store about to get a new one.  it's tough flying cross country with no phone, lol

I swear I'm the dagum

any yall know any good, small cases that aren't too clunky.  i can't stand a big ole case on my iPhone, but i guess thats my problem...

seeing a lot of folks talking bout the speck cases.  so they're decent?

Tyler White ™ ‏@White_Tee33  According to my TL [Twitter timeline] it looks like I’m not the only one who broke their phone recently @ScottyMcCreery @RealKyleWiggins

Scotty McCreery ‏@ScottyMcCreery  @White_Tee33 @RealKyleWiggins dude.  The struggle was real.  Got a new one today, it’s indestructible!  Lol

Tyler White ™ ‏@White_Tee33  @ScottyMcCreery @RealKyleWiggins mine went swimming yesterday so I am stuck on the roommates old 4s using wifi with no service

Scotty McCreery ‏@ScottyMcCreery  @White_Tee33 loll, i know that feeling.  #onlyimessage  #nophonecalls

 Jul 5  Six Flags Magic Mountain--Celebrate America
                  Golden Bear Theater, Valencia CA - 8:30 pm

   Can You Feel It

      Jul 6 - countrypowerstation ‏cpsradio   Now playing Scotty McCreery - Can You Feel It on Country Power Station

   Scotty Talks . . . Idol, Burgers, Sweet Tea, and Green Tortillas

   Your Man

Embedded image permalink
Jul 5 - Six Flags, Valencia CA - Emily Griffin ‏Emlayyynicole   Can we all just talk about how close I was last night?   

Jul 5 -  6 Flags, Valencia CA

Jul 5 -  6 Flags, Valencia CA

Jul 5 - 6 Flags, Valencia CA - Evssss♥ ‏@EvaStinchcomb  @ScottyMcCreery Awesome performance!     

Jul 5 - 6 Flags, Valencia CA - Natalia Clarissa nataliamckail11 

Jul 5 - 6 Flags, Valencia CA - Chandlar Carneal ‏chandlar44  Yeah I'm not sitting close to Scotty McCreary at all haha         

Jul 5 - 6 Flags, Valencia CA - Larry Morgan ‏Larry_Morgan  already lined up for   tonite!   

Jul 5 - 6 Flags, Valencia CA - Meet & Greet - Emily Griffin ‏Emlayyynicole  Scotty concert.   

Jul 5 - 6 Flags, Valencia CA - A Proud McCreerian ‏paris2753  This is the place to be tonight concert Six Flags!  We're ! 

Scotty McCreery ‏@ScottyMcCreery   Huge thanks to for having me out at tonight!  I had a blast!  the fans were awesome out there mm

 Review of Scotty's Jul 5 6 Flags Magic Mountain concert in Valencia CA
Very sweet review w/ great photos.  Reviewer enjoyed Scotty's concert BIG TIME.  Feelin' It.

      Scotty McCreery Performs At Six Flags Magic Mountain 
                                        by The Coaster Guy/Jul 6
    On Saturday, July 5th, Scotty McCreery took the stage at Six Flags Magic Mountain as part of the Coca-Cola July 4th Fest weekend celebration.  The 20-year old country singing powerhouse from Garner, North Carolina is best known as the winner of American Idol season 10.  I don’t typically listen to country music, but he put on a great show and I really enjoyed myself.

    The 3,000 seat Golden Bear Theatre was the venue for the event:


The concert didn’t start until 8:30 pm, but people started to line up hours beforehand.  Tickets were made available free to all park guests on a first come, first served basis:


There were two lines formed, one for each side of the theatre.  The line towards Full Throttle stretched all the way back to the entrance of the Full Throttle Sports Bar.  I followed the line going the other direction and at 7:00 pm it was already backed up to Pistachio Park:


The park was gracious enough to provide me with a VIP wristband, so I didn’t have to wait in line and was able to get into the theatre ahead of the crowd:


The VIP section was roped off in the very front on the left-hand side of the theatre.  Since I was the first in, I claimed the very front-right seat.  With the handicapped section in front of and below me, and an aisle to my right, I had a completely unobstructed view of the entire concert:


I had a great vantage point of the entire stage from where I was sitting:


Larry Morgan, a DJ from Go Country 105 FM, came out to introduce Scotty.  I had never heard of this guy before, but the audience sure had, as they went crazy when he came out on stage:


After a brief introduction, Scotty and his band came out and started the concert:


Even though he’s so young, he’s got a very deep, powerful, and mature singing voice.  If you didn’t know who he was or what he looked like, you’d probably think he was about 50 the first time you heard one of his songs:


In addition to just singing, he also performs with his guitar quite a bit as well:


Scotty did an awesome job at engaging and interacting with the audience.  He tended to gravitate towards the far side of the stage because that’s where quite a few female fans were and they would go nuts every time he went over there.  I think American Idol taught him well:


One of the things I do like about country music is that it often tells a story and is easy to relate to.  If one of those stories happens to hit close to home, it can really suck you in:


Maybe it’s just me, but I think he looks a bit like Phillip Phillips, another American Idol winner:


Each band member got a turn to shine in the spotlight, and they’d even come together as a group:


At one point he stopped performing and had a little chat with the audienceHe’s actually quite funny.  He told a couple of American Idol stories about his first trip to Los Angeles.  He thought he’d died and gone to heaven when he had his first In and Out burger.  On the other end of the spectrum, he was quite disappointed with what we pass off as sweet tea here in SoCal:


Towards the end of the show, he played homage to some of the country greats by covering a few of their songs.  He even did an Elvis Presley number, with the hips and legs in full gyration:


After saying good night, he came back out and did one more encore number:


    Like I said above, I’m not a big country guy, but I really did enjoy this show quite a bit.  I hope we get to see similar acts back on the Six Flags Magic Mountain stage in the future.  Even though it’s a fairly small venue, I believe there are acts out there that will work well here and will draw people into the park.

            Six Flags MM

Six Flags Magic Mountain is a 260-acre theme park with 16 roller coasters and over 100 rides and attractions.   It is located in Valencia, which is near Santa Clarita, about thirty miles north of Los Angeles.

Scotty's Travel Tweets

Scotty returns from the July 5 concert on a DL/Delta red eye flight departing LAX/Los Angeles at 11:54 pm PT, connecting through ATL/Atlanta (Sun Jul 6 7:07 am - 8:46 am ET) and arriving RDU/Raleigh Durham Sun Jul 6 at 10:08 am ET.

DL possibly leads the legacy airlines right now in ontime departures and is not having the same merger challenges as some of the other airlines.

Prior to his departure from LAX, Scotty tweets:

  Scotty McCreery ‏@ScottyMcCreery    Here at LAX downing a strawberry milkshake at Ruby’s and For Once in My Life comes on the radio & then Get Ready after that.  Haha.  

Not 2 of my finest moments on the show, but still good memories, lol.

:  Imagine sending you a tweet right now”  i wonder what that would feel like…

Got another red eye flight tonight out of LA.  Gotta go get to the water back home before July 4th weekend is completely over!

I dont think yall will see any delirious tweets tonight thoI am going to KO here in a quick second

But, 1 quick thought before I go.  Anybody ever wondered why airplanes crank the AC?  When we get 30k ft it up, its like 50 below up there!


:   take a selfie to prove to us that you’re really about to KO”  hat over the eyes = KO 

Jul 5 - hat over the eyes = KO

Now this selfie generated all kinds of tweets about Scotty's scruff with one fan insisting that he shave and some fans defending.

Arriving in Atlanta at 7:07 am ET for the connecting flight to Raleigh, Scotty tweets while waiting for the flight to Raleigh:

  Scotty McCreery ‏@ScottyMcCreery   Strawberry Wine is still just one of those songs.  I love it, always gets me

But right after that one on my iphone comes Long Black Train.  Still probably my favorite song of all time

On this sunday morning where I should be in church but unfortunately have to be in the airport, it’s a good song to hear..

Hey , been jamming to some of your tunes recently.   has been my prayer b4 every show I’ve done the last few years

You put it into song beautifully.  Hope you’re doing well brother

Poll: would you 1) rather fly home cross country thru the night on a plane and have a full day ahead of you to work with. Or ——> (cont’d)

Or 2) get a good nights sleep at a hotel, wake up the next mornin, fly crosscountry that day but the days pretty much over when u get there?

No right answer obviously.  Imma #1 guy I dont like wasting a day even if i am exhausted.  I know the rest of my band/crew are still in LA—>

sleeping, while im just about home, lol.  they got a long flight ahead of em!  Goodluck boys, hahah.

While they’re flying, i’ll be on the water fishing, tubing, and living it up.  But i will absolutely crash in my bed tonight…

: It makes me so happy to hear on the radio when I wake up”  me too!  Lol

:   Sharing is caring!  & I have to do what the bottle says!  ”   

by Lynne @ 6/24/2014 2:58:57 PM

Jun 28 - Taylor Tumblson ‏TaylorTumblson  We     

 Jun 26 Summerfest, Harley-Davidson Roadhouse, Milwaukee WI - 9:30 pm

          McCreery Finding A New Niche In Country Music
                               By Dave Begel - June 27, 2014

Scotty McCreery performed at Summerfest Thursday night.
Jun 26

If country music is going to live and thrive as a true American music form – and there is doubt about it – a view of where the music may well end up was onstage at the Harley Davidson stage at Summerfest Thursday night [Jun 26, Summerfest, Harley-Davidson Roadhouse, Milwaukee WI.]

    Scotty McCreery is all of 20 years old, just three years removed from the factory of "American Idol."  He just released his third album and is on the road with a big red tour bus.

    I spent some time in that bus with him while a gaggle of girls gathered around what would soon be his stage.  They had jeans and jean shorts, cowboy boots and lots of cowboy hats.  They had signs with their phone numbers on them.  They were ready for something down home, mixed with a healthy dose of clean-cut sex appeal.

    It’s a big life, and McCreery seems to be living it well, not letting the star life take control.

    "He’s a real level headed kid," said Mike Childers, the tour manager who has been in the business for 30 years.  They called him right after the "American Idol" victory, and he’s been with McCreery ever since.

    "I think I’ve done a pretty good job of balancing the celebrity thing and real life," McCreery said, lounging barefoot and in shorts (this is not a fancy kid).  "I keep my family close and the guys here on the tour.  And the friends I’ve had all my life are still my friends.  I call them my biggest haters because they’ll hear one of my songs on the radio, and they’ll say, ‘Who’s that pretty boy we heard?’"

    That kind of thing does tend to help keep your feet on the ground.

    "I admit that I’m a traditionalist," he said.  "I grew up wanting to be Elvis.  I listened to Merle Haggard and Conway Twitty and Ronnie Milsap.  I try to straddle the line between that music and the modern stuff.  I can’t go too far back because nobody would come out.  But I don’t want to be a guy who sells out and goes totally mainstream."

    McCreery auditioned for "American Idol" in Milwaukee, first at the Bradley Center and then at the Calatrava.

    "We had a good day today," he said.  "We played golf at Brown Deer and then we were on our way to Cousin’s for a sub when we passed the Bradley Center [American Idol audition].  I said that’s where my dad and I sat at 4:45 in the morning and I said, ‘What the heck are we doing here?’"

    McCreery has a good history of selling records and doing big live shows for a kid who can’t even walk into a bar legally yet.  A big part of the reason is what he’s like on stage.  His performance at Thursday night was striking.  He’s got a deep voice, think Randy Travis before he went off the deep edge.  When he sings, you can understand the words.

    But what he really has is presence.  He’s kind of like a young Marlon Brando walking onto a stage.  You just know something good is coming.  The stage is his.  Sure, there are lights and a little flash, but he and his tight band avoid so many of the things that make country music the wasteland it has almost become.

    No guitar player in the band wants to prove how many notes he can play in one measure of music.  Nobody is dancing like crazy, although McCreery has some decent moves for a pitcher with a Division 1 slider and a Division 4 fastball.

    And he can singReally sing.  He’s the kind of guy who can change keys in the middle of the song all on his own, not needing to be led by a guitar or keyboard.

    He’s in control, and the people love him.  I mean, they absolutely loved him Thursday night.  He opened with "Now" from his new album and worked his way through about 20 songs with a kind of frank and open honesty that is rare in the world of music these days.

    Country music is just about overwhelmed these days by big, big drums; big, fast and frenzied guitar; and a kind of formulaic tempo to every song, regardless of what the words call for.  It’s not that the world of male country stars is totally empty of talent.  It’s just that they all sound the same.

    Not this kid, who’s going to North Carolina State and has a girlfriend he’s known since kindergarten who wants to stay out of the limelight.

    He’s a refreshing guy, whether chatting in his tour bus or watching him command a stage without the histrionics we see way too much of.

    If I was guessing, and I am, I’d say that McCreery is going to carve a new niche in country music, between the revered olden days and the frantic pop-country that we have now.  And that niche is going to be a wonderful treat for everyone who listens to country music. 

Scotty McCreery ‏@ScottyMcCreery   Thanks for the review Dave.  Probably the best review I’ve read since I’ve been around

Jun 26 - Kayla Lopez kaaylaa_05  Scotty McCreery  

                 Scotty McCreery @ Summerfest, 6/26

               By Brian Nelson - Official Concert Reviewer - June 27, 2014

    On June 26, 2014 Summerfest was pleased to have Scotty McCreery perform on the Harley-Davidson stage.  The surrounding area of the stage was packed with people.  The fans were all eager for him to take the stage hooting and hollering.  Some people were getting rowdy and a few people even got ejected for poor behavior, but for the most part everyone showed everyone respect for their space.

     Met some great fans of Scotty's tonight.  Olivia and Brandon were awesome and were grateful to be there to see Scotty.  Also another lady Becky who was there with her mother as they both followed Scotty on his American Idol journey and were the biggest fans.  She was speechless when my buddy gave her his meet and greet pass.  I know she enjoyed it!

    Scotty put on a great performance which lasted around an hour and a half.  He played a lot of songs and gave us a little more insight as to the deeper meaning of some of them.  He put off some great energy as he played such songs as "Water Tower Town," "I Love You This Big," and of course his new one "Feelin' It."  His voice was nailing every song as always with his deep baritone vocals.  The crowd was jamming and singing right along with every song.  Due to the crowd's reaction, I would say Scotty has a great fan base here in Milwaukee, and we will surely see him back here again!

 Jun 25 K105, Yolo Event Center, Acoustic, St Jude Benefit, Ft Wayne IN - 7 pm

Jun 25 - WFFT Local ‏@WFFTLocal WFFT's Isabella Moller interviewed Scotty McCreery tonight for his concert at YOLOs.   


Jun 25

Embedded image permalink
Jun 25 - molly milligan ‏mjmchic
Embedded image permalink 
Jun 25 - madeline gray ‏madelineros3 


 Jun 26 Summerfest, Harley-Davidson Roadhouse, Milwaukee WI - 9:30 pm  "Now"

Jun 26  Kidd O'Shea @kiddradio  At with on his tour bus 

       My mom went to Summerfest and took this fabulous photo!  Scotty McCreery was awesome!  ...

Jun 26  Renae Weaver RaeWeaver  playing last night!  For more from the show click the link in my bio   

Jun 26 - Kayla Lopez kaaylaa_05  Scotty McCreery  

Concert Photos:

Jun 26 - Scotty McCreery ‏@ScottyMcCreery  Great seeing tonight at !  Keep on doing your thing!

Jun 26  Brian Kramp ‏Brian_Kramp  Great performance by today on  

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Jun 25    K105, Yolo Event Center, Acoustic, St Jude Benefit, Ft Wayne IN - 7 pm
Jun 26    Summerfest, Harley-Davidson Roadhouse, Milwaukee WI - 9:30 pm
Jun 27    Rococo Theatre, Lincoln NE - 8:45 pm  SG Nick Sturms
Jun 28    OKC Fest, Oklahoma City OK
                   Lady Antebellum, Scotty McCreery, Randy Rogers Band, Kix Brooks
Jun 29    Scotty's Mega Tweets returning from Oklahoma City OK to Raleigh NC 
                    via Dallas-Fort Worth TX
Jun 30    ScotTV  City of Hope Celebrity Softball Game (Jun 7), CMA Fest, Nashville TN
Jul 1       Chillin4Charity Challenge for Cancer Fund, Lake Gaston NC

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US Soccor - World Cup - USA 1 vs BEL 2 - Jul 1 - ESPN - 4 pm ET
  Arena Fonte Nova, Salvador Brazil - USA made it to Top 16 but now eliminated

Jul 1 - U.S. Soccer ‏ussoccer  28,000 strong supporting the at Soldier Field [Chicago, Home of Chicago Bears]!   

by Lynne @ 6/14/2014 4:02:35 PM

Jun 17 - Grand Ole Opry, Nashville TN

          See You Tonight Tour Kicks Into Summer

 Jun 12-15 US Open, Pinehurst NC - 69 miles/1 hr 20 min SW from Raleigh

Jun 13 - US Open, Pinehurst NC - Scotty McCreery ‏ScottyMcCreery  Great to meet Gov   Sec SharonDecker-NC HospitalityTent/US Open yesterday!  

June 13 - Visit North Carolina ‏VisitNC  SPOTTED: Governor and Sec of Commerce Sharon Decker catching up with during .

June 12 Scotty McCreery ‏@ScottyMcCreery  Ready to enjoy a nice day at the @UsOpengolf @PinehurstResort

June 13 - Scotty McCreery ‏@ScottyMcCreery  Here we go for round 2 of the @usopengolf @PinehurstResort! Ready for another great day of golf

Jun 13 - Pinehurst Resort @PinehurstResort  Our buddy @ScottyMcCreery is hanging out @usopengolf again today.  Here's what had to say about No. 2 after he played [April 21, 2014]:

Jun 14 - Scotty McCreery ‏ScottyMcCreery  Couldnt make it 2 today, so im watchin the tv outside 2 at least feel like Im there!  Lol Ready 4 another fun day there tmrrw

Jun 14 - Mike McCreery ‏MikeMGarner  Some yesterday, today a show in Atlanta and then some more US Open golf tomorrow on Father's Day! 

 Jun 14 Atlantic Fest, Christian Music Festival
                        Stone Mountain Park, Atlanta GA - 9 pm

Scotty McCreery ‏ScottyMcCreery  Excited to be playing Atlanta Fest tonight at StoneMtnPark! Who's coming!?   

Jun 14 - Christian Music Festival, Atlanta GA  Makayla Heminger ‏@MakaylaHeminger

Jun 14 - Christian Music Festival, Atlanta GA - Savannah Chrisley ‏_ItsSavannah For      

Mike McCreery ‏MikeMGarner   Stage for playing tonight at the Atlanta Fest at Stone Mountain. [Stone Mountain is 15 miles/26-minute drive east of Atlanta GA] mm

 Jun 15 - Happy Father's Day to Mike McCreery!


        Judy Cooke McCreery
        Jun 14 - Judy Cooke McCreery @JudyMacGarner  Happy Father's Day ! and know this is true!

Jun 14 - EvitaGamboaDesacula ‏SimplyMcIvhy  Happy fathers day sir !!!  God bless you sir!! :)) oh btw it's my birthday! :)  

"See You Tonight" Video Soon!

Jun 11 - "Feelin' It" Video, Jockey's Ridge, OBX, Nags Head NC - Is Sydney Turner @sydneylyn504 the Female Star In Video? - Chelsea Walters @ChelseaaWalters My famous roomie @sydneylyn504 at her music video shoot with Scotty McCreery
       Scotty McCreery On Being Robbed May 5

 Jun 17 - Grand Ole Opry, Nashville TN - 7 pm, Scotty anchors last set

Jun 17 - Grand Ole Opry, Nashville TN

Jun 17 - Grand Ole Opry, Nashville TN

Jun 17 - Grand Ole Opry, Nashville TN - See You Tonight, Something More, Feelin' It
Grand Ole Opry ‏opry  just sang us a song about and we're !  Listen Live Grand Ole Opry 7 pm CT

 Jun 19 - Scotty McCreery ‏ScottyMcCreery  : thank u for being so gracious when we stopped u on the street!    yes ma’am!

 Jun 19 - 95.3 KRTY Sound Check Show, San Jose CA - 4 pm
 Jun 19 - 95.3 KRTY Rodeo Club, San Jose CA - 7 pm  SG Haley & Michaels

Jun 19 - Nikki ‏@nikkigirl146  After waiting 3 years, I finally got to meet @ScottyMcCreery !!!!  He's is way too cute for words!

Jun 19 - Breanna McCreery ‏@Breanna20769506  Scotty in San Jose (not my picture) @ScottyMcCreery you look hot!

Jun 19 - Megan O'Brien ‏@_Mooooooogan  Lol hi @ScottyMcCreery

Jun 19 - Indiana AL ‏@IndianaAL  Scotty McCreery ... it was a great show!

Jun 19 - Linda Chen ‏LindaChen188  just sang the last song Feelin'It

Set List: 
 Can You Feel It
 Water Tower Town
 I Love You This Big
 Papa Loved Mama
 The Trouble With Girls
 Blue Jean Baby
 Check Yes Or No (George Strait)
 Forget To Forget You
 Oldies Medley 
        Hey Good Lookin' (Hank Williams Sr)
        Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash)
        It's Alright (Mama) (Elvis Presley)
 Walk In The Country
 See You Tonight
 Feelin' It
 Encore:  The Dance (Garth Brooks) 

 Jun 20 - 102.7 The Wolf: The Free Dollar Show, Fresno CA - 6 pm
Scotty McCreery ‏ScottyMcCreery  Ol boy is doing what i should be! Snoozinggg

Scotty McCreery ‏ScottyMcCreery  Lolll

Scotty McCreery ‏ScottyMcCreery  Dang, just turned all the lights off and everyones out cold but me.. Darkness everywhere except 1 bright light coming from seat 2F

Scotty McCreery ‏ScottyMcCreery  And heres to also hoping my neighbor on this plane doesnt follow me ??

Scotty McCreery ‏ScottyMcCreery  Wheels up.  Enjoyed rambling with yall.  Sorry if i woke you up.  Time to hit they hay!

Scotty McCreery ‏ScottyMcCreery  Almost home. 1 more quick flight and ill be back, even if just for a short while

Scotty McCreery ‏ScottyMcCreery  Props to .. Red eye flight from Phoenix to Raleigh.  Got me here on time w/ both my bags.  Props??

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Jun 11 - "Feelin' It" Video, Jockey's Ridge, OBX, Nags Head NC

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Jun 12/13/15  US Open, Pinehurst NC
Jun 14    AtlantaFest2014, The Christian Music Festival, Stone Mountain Park,
                    Atlanta GA - 9 pm
Jun 17    Grand Ole Opry, Nashville TN- 7 pm
Jun 18    Lawsuit Successfully Resolved/Happy/Moving On - reported Jun 19
Jun 19    95.3 KRTY Sound Check Show, San Jose CA - 4 pm
Jun 19    95.3 KRTY Rodeo Club, San Jose CA - Ages 21+, - 7 pm   SG Haley & Michael
Jun 20    102.7 The Wolf: The Free Dollar Show, Fresno CA - 6 pm
                   Scotty McCreery, Tate Stevens, Dakota Bradley, Joe Bachman
Jun 21    97.3/92.1 KSON CountryFest, San Diego CA - 6 pm
     David Nail, Scotty McCreery, Eric Paslay, Danielle Bradbery, Brothers Osborne, Nancarrow            

Jun 22    Wildhorse Pass and Casino, Chandler AZ - 7:30 pm  SG Tyler Dial
Jun 23    Scotty's Mega Tweets fr/PHX Airport/Plane returning to Raleigh NC

Embedded image permalink
US Soccor - World Cup - USA 2 vs POR 2 - Sun Jun 22 - ESPN - 6 pm ET

by Lynne @ 6/11/2014 8:48:36 PM

       Roman White Directs Filming of "Feelin' It" Video

Jun 11 - "Feelin' It" Video, Jockey's Ridge, OBX, Nags Head NC - Is Sydney Turner @sydneylyn504 the Female Star In Video? - Chelsea Walters @ChelseaaWalters My famous roomie @sydneylyn504 at her music video shoot with Scotty McCreery

Jun 8 Fan Club Party, Nashville TN - Scotty accidentally hits himself in the teeth with the mic

Jennette's Pier, Outer Banks/OBX, Nags Head NC

Jun 11 - Outer Banks ThisWeek ‏BeOuterBanks  American Idol winner and North Carolina's very own Scotty McCreery is on the Outer Banks filming his next video!

Jun 11 - Meredith Hess ‏@ManiacMere  Watched Scotty McCreery's Feelin' It music video being made today! #prettycool

Jun 11 - Tiffany ‏mccreerianfan8    

Scotty filming the “Feelin’ it” music video today! (:
Jun 11 - Scotty McCreery ‏ScottyMcCreery  Stop number 3....a little cooler under here but still

The man to the far left with the tattoo on his leg is video director Roman White, who also directed the videos for "The Trouble With Girls" and "See You Tonight."

Jun 11 - Jordan Beamer?? ‏lil_tikey  Well we walked into the middle of Scotty McCreery music video

94.5 WCMS ‏WCMS945FM  Our NC boy is home and filming "Feelin' It" here on the OBX.  Scotty McCreery under Jennettes Pier!

Jun 11 - brittany lancaster ‏britt_lancaster  Currently watching Scotty McCreery shoot a music vid at Jennette's  

He’s looking too good (;
Jun 11 -

Jun 11 - Jordan Beamer?? ‏lil_tikey  More Scotty 

Jun 11 - Classy Blue Shirt  lena ‏lena090790   on the obx

  Jennette's Pier, OBX, Nags Head NC

Dune Burger, OBX, Nags Head NC

Dune Burger, Nags Head, NC 
Jun 11 - sea:morg ‏@chel_of_the_sea   Just got asked to leave Dune Burger because @ScottyMcCreery is here shooting a music video #WakeCountyReppin #OBX

Jockey's Ridge, OBX, Nags Head NC

Jun 11 - "Feelin' It" Video, Jockey's Ridge, OBX, Nags Head NC - Is Sydney Turner @sydneylyn504 the Female Star In Video? - Chelsea Walters @ChelseaaWalters My famous roomie @sydneylyn504 at her music video shoot with Scotty McCreery

Jun 11 - Scotty McCreery ‏ScottyMcCreery  Sunset setting but still at it....

Jun 11 - Scotty McCreery ‏ScottyMcCreery  Another stop for the music video ...still   So any clue where we are?

    Deuce Johnson ‏@RealDJohnson  @ScottyMcCreery shot in the dark….. Sound side of jockey’s ridge

Jun 11 - Wet hair, wet shirt

Bodie Island (pronounced "Body"), OBX, Nags Head NC

Scotty McCreery ‏ScottyMcCreery  Filming my music video today...stay tuned for details.  All I'll say is it's a little warm out here  

Jun 11 - Sarah Linderstein will be in the video - Sarah ‏@SlStein42  Look for me in @ScottyMcCreery's next music video!

Jun 11 -

Jun 11

Jun 11 - Kelsi Laine Needham ‏@KelsiiiiLaine @ScottyMcCreery

Bodie Island Lighthouse Cape Hatteras National Seashore Outer Banks NC Reflection OBX North Carolina - stock photo

Filming is on the North Carolina Outer Banks/OBX, a 3-hour drive east from Raleigh NC.

The Outer Banks is a string of peninsulas and barrier islands separating the Atlantic Ocean from mainland
North Carolina.

Weather on the Outer Banks is  Sunny, Blue skies, 81 degrees/feels like 84, 67% humidity

Jun 24 - "Feelin' It" VideoScotty McCreery  Had an awesome time filming the music video for "Feelin’ It” at the North Carolina Outer Banks…here’s a sneak peek!

Jun 8 - Fan Club Party, Wild Horse Saloon, Nashville TN

Jun 8 - Q&A: Scotty when asked "Briefs or Boxers?"  (0:17)  Briefs Or Boxers?

"Depends on what's goin' on ... but ... uh ... I'm a, I'm a briefs guy ... but ... yeah, yeah, briefs.  I can't give you much more detail than that.  This is a family show."

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