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Justin Bieber
by Bieberrocks123 @ 7/5/2013 10:14:18 PM  

        Everyone one of Justin's fans go trough hard times cause not everyone likes justin. They may make things up like youll never meet him or hes not good at singing. And i always say I DONT CARE WHT YOU SAY.


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by denwalker @ 8/10/2013 8:47:29 AM
Watch my music video and cover of Justin Bieber's original song "Down to Earth"

by michelleglover63 @ 7/30/2013 11:55:05 AM
hey peeps its me again I am checking up on all if yu belibers

by Diana @ 7/22/2013 5:26:41 PM
Just click on the word CONTEST in my previous post or here: CONTEST. I'll have to cancel the contest if I don't get at least 200 entries. Good luck! :)

by Bieberrocks123 @ 7/22/2013 3:22:39 PM
How do u enter the contest Diana

by Diana @ 7/15/2013 2:05:22 PM
Hello Beliebers. I listen to Justin's songs all the time and I love to work-out to them. I'd like to invite you to a contest of mine! One of the prizes is 2 BELIEVE tickets to the 8-10-13 concert in Atlanta. GA.
One of the 2 tickets is a VIP Meet and Greet. (Sorry, I'm keeping a 2nd VIP ticket for me.) This is NOT just a pass, it's for the concert. I paid for these tickets via Ticketmaster. I hope you'll join the contest and share with your friends.

BTW, don't let the haters upset you. Haters are a sure sign of success. They're just jealous and negative people for reasons you don't know about. Ignore them. Responding to them just encourages them. They're bullies. ALL teen idols have had the same experience b/c human nature doesn't change!

Take care.

by chopsey @ 7/14/2013 4:07:28 PM
It is really disturbing to know that are so many jealous ppl that continue to say things that are so hurtful to Justin.  He is such an amazing performer & person.  He always gives so much of himself & works as hard as anybody at what he enjoys to do.  Why can't ppl see this instead of looking at him with blinders.  I never let things that those "hater" or "JEALOUS PPL" say because I know that GOD has blessed Justin with such AWESOME gifts that Justin does NOT waste. If more ppl would just RESPECT Justin for what he has done & his talents, Beliebers would not have to feel sorry for Justin for the bad things that are said to & about Justin.

by michelleglover63 @ 7/14/2013 2:54:20 PM
Hey Justin i just wanted to tell you i love you so much!!!! i know all of your songs and i sing them perfect i can sing really good!!!! i am serious!!!! and please write back after i send this to you

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