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Date Started: 3/19/2011
Registered Users: 3575

Welcome to the Justin Bieber Fan Club!

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by Bieberler Boyfriend @ 11/12/2015 2:34:17 AM

Hello i am a #1 a boyfriend of Bieberler and #2 im a big fan of jb myself.
He just announced his new tour and  tickets aren't available for sale but soon will be!
So what i wanted to know is "HOW MUCH IS A JB CONCERT TICKET!!!"
I was hoping to get past experiences from the believe tour if you were lucky enough to attend, just information on how close were you and the price of your ticket?, did you get it presale?, would you have spent more to be on ground floor?
I have been with my girlfriend for 2+ years and i know she has been wanting to go to a concert since she was in middle school and now we are both about to be 20 and i have some money saved but i want to be sure i will have enough to be on the floor, or if not that at least on the side of the arena but eye/body level with jb. please help me cause if i need to sell something i will do it but i need to do it asap!!! #purpose

thanks so much for your help i didn't know where else to go to find help with this matter. thanks a million!

by kellyh @ 11/5/2015 9:53:45 AM

Hey Everyone, 

Last spring some magazine published a long article about Justin, which wasn't very nice. I've been following the writer on FB ever since and he just released the uncut version of the article on Amazon. 

it's still not very nice but you get to say what a typical day looks like for Justin. Here's a bit from the article that I liked:

“Maybe that’s like a cover-up for me not being tough,” he says, in his soft, sleepover voice, which seems to emerge from an unseen gloom. “Like the tattoos and stuff? Maybe that’s like a cover for me being a softie.”

It costs 99 cents but it's worth it to be that close to Justin for a little while!*Version*=1&*entries*=0#customerReviews


by CC9925 @ 10/29/2015 11:44:53 PM

Hi All!

Need your opinion on something! My friend is thinking about creating an app that will allow you to interact with Justin Bieber on your phone! You could upload his videos and actually put yourself into the video. You could also post photos where he would be kissing you on the cheek. Let me know if this is something you would use!

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