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Date Started: 3/19/2011
Registered Users: 3125

Welcome to the Justin Bieber Fan Club!

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by crazy4bieber @ 6/23/2014 8:02:17 PM

A Bieber fan just supports Justin Bieber because of his appearance which means they don't care as long as he's hot for example, When things get tough or a new artist or group comes out they leave the fan base. A Belieber is someone that believes in Justin Bieber. A Belieber understands his mistakes and supports him through thick and the thin. If someone has supported Justin Bieber through the Mariah Yeater case, when he started dating Selena Gomez again and again, when Justin Bieber got tattoo's, the racist scam, and when he dyed and cut his hair I would then consider that person a Belieber.
We love Justin so much. To us beliebers he isn't just a singer or a really REALLY hot boy, he is our idol, and our inspiration (he's not god though neither is he perfect). We respect him so much because he deserves it. When I'm sad, he makes me happy simple as that.
We, all the beliebers, are a family and we love each other as well as Justin. 
It's so amazing to be a belieber because you know that you're a fan of a person who has done so made so many good things in life (he made it possible for people to become famous off of YouTube, he made it so kids don't have to be on a TV show in order to be famous, he reduced 34% of suicides for teenagers with his songs be alright and believe and so much more). just think about how far he's come. People don't realize how incredible his story is, Justin grew up in Canada and he was poor. his parents split up when he was incredibly young and he went outside to sing and play his guitar out on the street when he was 12 so he can get some money. So this is why we support him no matter what because he taught us to never say never (never give up) and that Justin is proof that dreams do come true. A belieber is strong and defends Justin when we feel he is being disrespected and threatened because we know that he cant defend himself because the media will make it seem like Justin's this super bad person who beats up PAPARAZZI when he's not a bad person (I'm not saying he's innocent either). A belieber doesn't have to know all about Justin Bieber, buy all of his merchandise, or even know all the lyrics to all of his songs as long as you love and support him with all of your heart.

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