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Scotty McCreery Street Team on 5/22/2016 7:15:39 PM Show/Hide
At Ashley and Trents wedding
Scotty McCreery Street Team on 5/12/2016 6:12:44 PM Show/Hide
My sister and I went to the book signing in Skokie yesterday. It is a 3 1/2 hour drive from my house. We arrived about 2:15 and went in to buy the book. They wouldn't let me order it prior to the day of the signing. Had hours to kill so we walked the mall and had late lunch/early dinner at Johnny Rockets. Still had 2 1/2 hours before lining up so we went to the car and listened to more the book. I thought I would call Lynne to see if she would be at the signing. She said yes and that she would call me when she got close to the mall. Imagine I was going to meet Lynne, wow. She called and we met at the bookstore about 4. We chatted before we had to lineup.

We are all lined up on the balcony about 5:45 and who should walk in, Scotty. He greeted a young lady in a wheelchair, spoke to us and then went to where they had set up for the signing, in the cooking section. They took us down in groups of 25. The line went very quickly. We were through by 600. I estimate that there were 100 people in line.
My pictures from the Skokie book signing 5-11-16. The many faces of Scotty. The coke bottle in some of the pictures is from me. It says go Big or Go Home. He said that he had seen it a Dunkin donuts but did not buy it. He asked if I had read the book yet and I told him, Yes and I have listened to the audio version twice. He then asked if I liked it and I said Yes!

On the way out I talked to the manager about getting one of the posters and he gave me the one that was in the window.
Scotty McCreery Street Team on 5/8/2016 8:03:22 PM Show/Hide

Happy ?#‎MothersDay? Mom! I owe this woman my life (literally!)

Scotty McCreery Street Team on 5/8/2016 7:56:16 PM Show/Hide

Scotty McCreery

"What I love most about my mother is her passion for her family and her kids. She would do anything for us and she always has our back. She supported me through all my sports activities and music lessons, and she encouraged me to follow my dreams to become a country music singer. Mom even gave up everything else she was doing to be with me in Los Angeles for five months while I was on "American Idol" because I was underage. One of her favorite Mother's Days was when I was much younger, and we all went to Lake Benson Park near where we live in Garner, North Carolina and had strawberry shortcakes. Mom loves to be outside and she loves experiences more than gifts. Having her family with her at one our favorite places and just enjoying the day together was a great Mother's Day."

Scotty McCreery released his autobiography, Go Big Or Go Home: The Journey Toward The Dream this week and kicked off his national book tour. Scotty also just created his first public Snapchat, be sure to find him @ScottyMcCsnap.

Scotty McCreery Street Team on 5/7/2016 3:07:55 PM Show/Hide
From Nash Country Daily

SCOTTY MCCREERY: “If you’re not trying to be the biggest and the baddest, why be in the business?”

Scotty McCreery Street Team on 5/6/2016 4:32:05 PM Show/Hide
I am sorry to say that Nash country Weekly no longer exists. The May 2nd issue was the last published issue. They will contact the subscribers to let them know what will happen next. Was hoping to see Scotty photos from that issue but they were never published.

For the book, I have both the hardback and the audio editions. I really was querious to see id he pronounced my name correctly. He did. I think the parts that stand out the most are when he will not go against his standards. First the part about JC and then movie week on Idol when he almost did not go onstage. I can say how proud of him in those instances. The decisions made about a record release comes from the record label and he really doesn't have a say. I am hoping that when he gets a new label he will be able to have more control. The book is written from his prospective and its nice to hear how he feels about things.

Just saw the post from GrandmaDot and followed the link to read article and see the photos. Thank you for the link. Great photos.
Scotty McCreery Street Team on 5/5/2016 7:46:41 PM Show/Hide
Just finished reading Go Big or Go Home. Really enjoyed it.
Scotty McCreery Street Team on 5/4/2016 9:00:06 AM Show/Hide
Just an interview, no singing.
Scotty McCreery Street Team on 5/4/2016 8:34:10 AM Show/Hide
Scotty will be on Fox and Friends after the break
Scotty McCreery Street Team on 5/3/2016 6:53:38 PM Show/Hide

On page 224 of Go Big or Go Home

Scotty McCreery Street Team on 5/2/2016 9:02:57 PM Show/Hide
What happened?
Scotty McCreery Street Team on 5/2/2016 9:48:54 AM Show/Hide
Will be seeing Scotty again next week as my sister and I travel to Skokie, IL for one of the book signings. Anther road trip. We all need to support this book and see where it goes.
Scotty McCreery Street Team on 5/1/2016 8:26:19 PM Show/Hide
First I must apologize because this is going to be a long report.

Friday 4/29/16
The concert in Peoria didn't start off very well. ticket said one thing and I even called to verify the time and was told what was on the ticket. However it was not very organized. Seemed like the right hand didn't know what the left hand was doing. We arrived early and was told that I couldn't take in the bag for Scotty so I walked completely around the building looking for the bus but didn't see it so I left it at the merch table with Jim Carson. Asked about the bus and he said that it was parked underground. Then the youngest granddaughter said that she wanted the meet and greet passes for her and her sister. I just looked at her and said "You are really going to take it from me and she said yes. So I did not get the meet and greet. I was visabely hurt and didn't talk very much the rest of the evening. First opening act was Aileeah Colgan, a local artist. then the Red Cross started giving out awards so we went to the lobby. I got the bag from Jim and talked with Tina for a few minutes. When the girls got in line I walked part them and put the bag on the youngest's arm. Started back to my seat but by then Raelynn was n stage. the girls came up behind me and asked if I was not going back to my seat. I said not until the lights are back on. Raelynn had on some shiny fabric pants and when the lights were just right on her it looked like you could see her skeleton. Creepy. Now almost time for Scotty.
Found out that Scotty should be signing with a new label in the next 2 weeks.

He came on about 900. Background on stage has changed. No more videos of Scottv. It is his new logo. Also there used to be shown on the screen at the end of the concert  Much Love, Scotty, but that is gone also. It was over about 1030. Set list was:
Water Tower Town
He introduced himself and talked bout Idol
I Love You This Big
Blue Jean Baby
Southern Belle
Can You Feel It
He talks about Gabi
The Trouble With girls
See You tonight
He talks about the Idol experience, does snippets of his audition songs
Slow Dancin in a Burning Room
5 More Minutes
Oldies Medley - King of the Road, Mama Tried, Folsom Prison Blues, Chattahoochee, band introduction of band members during Mountain Music
You Make That Look good
Walk in the Country
I Like It, I Love It
Feelin It  (no beach balls probably due to candles on the tables on the floor)
encore was Something More

Then the 3 1/2 hour drive home. Arrived home at 300am.

Sat 4/30/16
Sister called at 1000 to see what time we were leaving for this concert.
Left at 100 and got there in a little over 2 hours. We were plenty early but it was raining and had been the whole trip. Got the tickets and meet and greet passes. The bus and truck were already there. No activity could be seen. Then saw Jim Carson pushing the merchandise cart to the side door. then we left and went to dinner. Got back with over and hour to kill before the doors opened. The meet and greet was before the concert and there was no opening act. again confusion. Where the paper told us to be for the meet and greet was not correct.If one of the guys had not asked we would have missed it. 2 lines for the meet and greet, one for VIPS and one for the others. The VIPS went first. Meet and greet was in a small room with only one door. Literally ran into Nathan in the small hallway between the room and the stage door.  I had a baseball type shirt made from a post that I had seen on facebook with his song titles on it. I asked him if he liked it and he held my hand, stepped back and read it. He did like it. Gave him the bag of goodies.

Found our seats and then had to rush out to buy the guitar before the show. Barely made it to my seat as the concert started. Concert started at 800. Seat was in row 5 so I thought I had a pretty good seat. However there was a man in the second row that stood up the entire concert blocking my view. 

Set list was the same as the previous night. I won't list it again.

After the show we had to meet at the stage door to get the guitar.  I asked how many guitars had been sold and was told 3. the first in line was a couple, then 2 ladies came up and I let them go in front of me. You are allowed 2 people per guitar. While the first couple was in getting their guitar signed one of the security guards came up and asked if I was Wanda. I said yes and he said that Scotty had asked that I be last in line. Saw Jeff sitting on the side of the stage signing a posted so I hurried over to get his autograph for Shannon. Hurried back to the stage door just as the 2 ladies went in. They were not in there very long. there was a young lady waiting close to the stage door hopeing that Scotty would come out. She had recently lost her grandfather and wanted to let Scotty know how much 5 More Minutes meant to her. My sister told her that she would tell Scotty. Now it's my turn. Got a hug from Scotty and we chatted. Mike asked me if I like the new setup for the show. Mike seemed very laid back during this meet and greet. I asked Scotty if he wore glasses or contacts. He said contacts. told me that he would be presentating with Mattie and Tae tonight. He signed the back of my phone and then asked how I wanted the guitar signed. He wrote "Wanda, thanks for all of your support. Much Love and his autograph. I asked about the song Rock This Night. It is recorded and ready for an album but the record label that he had didn't want on the last album. And while were talking about his music, he said that Carrie has not fulfilled her commitment to Idol. So I think that Idol has been holding him back, he didn't say so. We talked about the book also and Mike asked if I was surprised that I was mentioned in the book. He said that he wasn't.. I said that I didn't have a clue until Judy had called meand told me. I was not rushed during this meet and greet. Got pictures taken and then we left. The couple that had been sitting next to my sister during the concert decided at the last minute to buy a guitar also so they were ready for their time. The young lady that talked to my sister was waiting for us to come out to see what Scotty had said. Scotty had autographed my sisters laminate and she gave it to the young lady and I had her give me her address so I could send her one of the pictures that I have.

A great evening!!
Scotty McCreery Street Team on 4/28/2016 9:20:48 PM Show/Hide
My 2 granddaughters and myself will be in attendance at the Peoria concert as well. My youngest granddaughter has a meet and greet but someone has to go with her. My oldest thinks it should be her and I think it should be me. Wonder who will win> I will also be at the Merrillville show on Saturday night.
Scotty McCreery Street Team on 4/18/2016 7:03:54 PM Show/Hide

Scotty McCreery Named Final “Hottest Bachelor” by Readers of NASH Country Weekly Magazine 

Scotty McCreery

Following in the footsteps of Gary Allan, Keith Urban, Chris Young and other top singer/songwriters, Scotty McCreery was voted “Country Music’s Hottest Bachelor of 2016” by the readers of NASH Country Weekly Magazine, as revealed in their April 25, 2016 issue, on-stands now. This announcement follows on the heels of the 22-year old North Carolina native being named the magazine’s “Sexiest Man in Country Music” last November. With the recent announcement that NASH Country Weekly will be relaunching as the digital-only NASH Country Daily in the coming months, this makes McCreery the print magazine’s final “Hottest Bachelor.”

“Have mercy!” said a stunned McCreery.  “I can’t decide if I’m still sunburned from being out on the beach earlier this week or if I’m blushing. While I don’t know that I agree with the title, it is nice to be thought of in this way. I sure appreciate the support of my fans andNASH Country Weekly.”

The 2016 list of NASH Country Weekly’s “10 Hottest Bachelors” are:  1) Scotty McCreery, 2) Chris Young, 3) Gary Allan, 4) Dwight Yoakam, 5) Blake Shelton, 6) Kip Moore, 7) Sam Hunt, 8) Kenny Chesney, 9) Chuck Wicks, and 10) Brett Eldredge.

McCreery, who stole the show at last week’s “American Idol” series finale with his stunning rendition of his hero Garth Brooks’ hit song “Papa Loved Mama,” is gearing up for the May 3 release of his first book, Go Big or Go Home: The Journey Toward the Dream and the accompanying 14-city book tour. Cities, bookstores and dates for the book signings can be found at  The book is also available for pre-order at, and other online retailers.

Scotty McCreery Street Team on 4/18/2016 6:59:28 PM Show/Hide
Glad Scotty won the final Hottest Bachleor since Nash Country is going all digital.
Scotty McCreery Street Team on 4/12/2016 8:30:57 PM Show/Hide
Scotty sang See You Tonight, He talked to the audience, sang 5 More Minutes, talked to the audience some more, sang Mama Tried.
Scotty McCreery Street Team on 4/12/2016 8:02:27 PM Show/Hide
Larry Gatlin, Bill Anderson and Scotty are supposed to get together and write a song called The Sun Doesn't Know That The Wind Is Blowing. Because Scotty is so sunburnt.
Scotty McCreery Street Team on 4/12/2016 8:00:18 PM Show/Hide
Great interview on WSM just now. He said that he will be paying tribute to Merle singing Mama Tried. Just before the Opry started they played See You tonight and I  Love You This Big.

He will be at 7:15.
Scotty McCreery Street Team on 4/1/2016 2:26:52 PM Show/Hide

Scotty McCreery Feels American Idol Has Given Average People Skills To Be A Music Star

Scotty McCreery burst onto the national music scene in 2011 at age 17, winning Season Ten of American Idol and capturing the hearts of young and old souls with his deep voice and irresistible sound.

In the past, Scotty has said that American Idol was more about the contestant then the current successful NBC’s The Voice, saying it’s more focused on the judges. Scotty elaborates more on why American Idol will have a legacy of giving “anyone” a chance to make it in music, when it wraps within the next week.  

“You know Idol, The cool thing about it is that I can take your next door neighbor and make her the idol,” Scotty muses about the American Idol success over the years to Dan Van from Albright & O'Malley & Brenner. “Somebody that doesn’t know anything about the music industry like myself can for five months, we’re out there in LA and it’s kinda like a little boot camp.” 

Scotty admits that he learned “all sorts of stuff,” but that it can’t prepare you 100% for what your getting thrust into the mainstream music industry. 

“It is a crazy - crazy world and doggie dog and everyday you got to be on go and Idol is good for that aspect of it, as far you know everyday were doing something different and it’s a new challenge and it helps prepare you for that.” 

Scotty explains that learning the music industry is a whole other aspect that takes time too just by “learning the ropes” through experiences, which he feels is how everything is in life.  

“You can learn stuff through text books but you’re really going to learn more through experience on the job.” 

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