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Scotty McCreery Street Team on 11/27/2015 7:56:51 PM Show/Hide
Scotty is #1 on GAC for the 2nd week. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Scotty McCreery Street Team on 11/10/2015 6:09:23 PM Show/Hide
Sorry, I must have omitted Water Tower Town
Scotty McCreery Street Team on 11/9/2015 7:00:04 PM Show/Hide
Went to the concert in Wabash, Indiana last night. Was a awesome concert even though it wasn't a sell out. Opening act was Smithfield, I have never heard of them. 

We arrived shortly after 6 and picked up tickets and meet and greet passes. Talked with Jim Carson, merch man, for a few minutes before he got busy. Went to be closer to the meet and greet line and met a woman that was probably older than me, this was her 1st Scotty concert. My daughter, Shannon, who had met him before gave her her meet and greet pass. She was so excited. There must have been several catagories of meet and greets as the staff told me that we would be the last group to go in. We were allowed in about 7:15. I had his bag of goodies ready for him. My granddaughter went 1st, then the lady I had just met. I never did ask her name. and then it was my turn. I was not last this time. Mike Childers seemed happy to get his container of goodies and so did Scotty. I got a hug. then the picture. Mike told me that I blinked and he has to retake it. We were given the autographed photo and left the room. Our tickets were in the 2nd row. Just made it to our seats before Smithfield came on stage. They were on stage about 30 minutes. With a 10 minute set change and then Scotty came on stage about 8:00.

Set list:
I Love You This Big
Out of Summertime
Southern Belle
This Is That Night
Can You Feel It
I Like It, I Love It
The Dash
the Trouble With Girls
Oldies Medley: King Of the Road, Mama Tried, Folsom Prison Blues, Chattahoochee, Alabama(Band Introductions)
You Make That Look Good
Walk In The Country
See You Tonight
Feelin It
When the band started playing Buzzin, Scotty came to the edge of the stage. He has a habit to throwing the microphone from one hand to the other one. Somehow the microphone didn't make it to his other hand and dropped it to the floor. It must have rolled under the stage and the people in the front row was looking for it. They brought him out another one but it didn't work. So he was singing and nobody could hear him. He went back to the center of the stage and just looked like "Well what now" so he turned to the side and shook his hips. then one of the microphones started working so he continued. They did throw out the beach balls during Feelin It. One landed on the side of the stage and I went for it. One of the ladies in the handicapped chairs rolled it to me and then started to pick it up to throw it. Not this time. The beach balls have holes near the air plug so I stuck my finger in it so it would not go anywhere. The man in the row behind me started to grab it and I just looked at him and picked it up and gave it to my granddaughter. There was not an encore, even though the set listed Something More and Gone for the encore, I don't know why.
Concert was over about 9:20. I went to the stage and pulled up the set list and nobody stopped me. We walked out with the lady we met earlier. She was going to show us a shortcut to get home. We got home about 11:30.
Scotty McCreery Street Team on 11/7/2015 9:54:42 AM Show/Hide
If Anyone needs a copy of Country Weekly Let me know and I will get it as long as they are not sold out.
Scotty McCreery Street Team on 11/6/2015 12:56:26 PM Show/Hide
Just got a copy of Country Weekly and am upset with them. On the cover is Tim McGraw and Scotty only got a small photo in the top corner. I sent the magazine an email here is what I wrote:

I am totally upset with the November 16th issue of Nash Country Weekly. I am a huge Scotty McCreery fan and voted a lot along with all of his other fans for his win. In previous years the winner has the main photo on the cover, but Scotty only got a small picture at the top on the cover. I am sure that Tim has been on the cover lots of times, so why discriminate against Scotty. He should have had the main photo since he won that contest. He has a large fan base that I am sure is just as upset as I am. We McCreeriams stick together and would like to see more of Scotty in your magazine. 

I was at the fan club party in Nashville in June and saw part of the photo shoot that you were doing but don't remember seeing many of the photos in the magazine.

I would appreciate a response.

Thank you,

Hopefully they will respond.
Scotty McCreery Street Team on 10/18/2015 8:23:32 PM Show/Hide
Haven't been able to vote.
Scotty McCreery Street Team on 10/2/2015 11:39:27 AM Show/Hide
I am going to the concert in Merrillville, IN. I bought the VIP Package through the fan club so my ticket should be in the first 2 rows. Lynne if you will message me your number i would like to talk to you.
Scotty McCreery Street Team on 9/25/2015 6:12:28 PM Show/Hide
Just saw this on facebook.
Scotty McCreery

I am very sad to share a team member has passed away unexpectedly. Sharon Eaves , who owned and ran FanClubhouse, had a heart attack earlier today. Doug Paisley, Brad's dad, recommended her to us several years ago and she never let us down. She and her team always gave 110%. She rallied the McCreerians and knew many by their first name. She was responsible for my great fan club parties each year in Nashville at the Wild Horse and at Rocketown. She had just created the Southern Belle team who was walking for St Jude this weekend. She will be sorely missed. Please keep her family in your prayers. Sharon, we will miss you--Love, Scotty

Scotty McCreery released this statement about his friend and fan club president:

“I am stunned and saddened at the sudden passing of my friend and fan club president, Sharon Eaves. It has been a true pleasure to have worked with her for more than three years, and she was a vital part of my team. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and all those who knew and loved her. In recent weeks, Sharon organized a team of ‘Southern Belles’ to participate in tomorrow’s St. Jude Walk/Run to End Childhood Cancer in Nashville. The team has raised more than $3,500 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital thus far. I know every single person on that team will be dedicating their walk to Sharon tomorrow. She was a tireless supporter of St. Jude, as well as all the artists she has worked with through the years. Thank you Sharon for your belief in me. You will be deeply missed by the McCreery family and team.”

Scotty McCreery Street Team on 9/25/2015 6:11:03 PM Show/Hide
Scotty McCreery Street Team on 9/24/2015 9:37:15 PM Show/Hide
Home from the hospital, things went well.

I met Travis at the fan club party. Scotty's parents introduced him to me. Can't wait to get that book!
Scotty McCreery Street Team on 9/24/2015 10:20:06 AM Show/Hide
Thank you
Scotty McCreery Street Team on 9/24/2015 9:49:28 AM Show/Hide
Will not be on here till later today due to my daughter having breast cancer surgery.
Scotty McCreery Street Team on 9/23/2015 9:37:52 PM Show/Hide
No, I was not fortunate to get a meet and greet for this concert.
Scotty McCreery Street Team on 9/22/2015 9:13:11 PM Show/Hide
On the Opry Scotty sang See You Tonight, Southern Belle and Feelin It.
Scotty McCreery Street Team on 9/22/2015 8:32:18 PM Show/Hide
Scotty sang both songs.
Scotty McCreery Street Team on 9/21/2015 8:38:04 PM Show/Hide
I was also at Van Wert, Ohio concert. My seat was 3rd row center.
It was a good concert but I agree the music was too loud and drown out Scotty's voice. It started about 7:35 and ended at 8:55.
The beach balls were blown up and on the back of the stage. Don't know why they were not thrown out. 
I also managed to get the set list that Scotty used. Here it is:
Water Tower Town
i Love You This Big
Out of Summertime
this Is That Night
Can You Feel It
I Like It, I Love It
The Dash
The Trouble With Girls
Oldies Medley
You Made That Look Good
Walk In The Country
See You Tonight
Feelin It
Something More and Gone were listed for the encore but not performed.

The brochure that we were given upon entering the venue had a really nice article about Scotty in it.
Scotty McCreery Street Team on 9/2/2015 8:39:27 PM Show/Hide
Did anybody else notice how they switch Scotty and Keith on the hot-hunk Monday poll?
Scotty McCreery Street Team on 9/2/2015 7:37:55 PM Show/Hide



Today is a perfect day to join the "Southern Belles" as we walk in the St. Jude Walk/Run on September 26th in Nashville, TN. If you cannot be here in person, you can still support us by joining our team virtually. Click here >> and find out how you can become a Southern Belle. The funds we raise for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital will be donated in Scotty McCreery's name.  Each person who donates will be entered in a drawing for a Scotty McCreery prize pack.

Scotty McCreery Street Team on 9/1/2015 9:45:54 PM Show/Hide
Spoke with my local dj today. He was doing a remote and I wanted to ask him about Southern Belle. He is the music director of the radio station. Yes, they did get the add yesterday and will probably start playing it next Monday after he reviews the reports. I also spoke with afternoon dj and said that he really likes the song and can't wait to start playing it.
Scotty McCreery Street Team on 8/3/2015 7:49:54 AM Show/Hide
On Fox and friends, Scotty introduced his bus driver as WC Bryan. Thinkin that he is second bus driver along with Jay.

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